Bridging Healthcare Across Abu Dhabi. Evolve With Malaffi!

Achieve patient-first routes with a cutting-edge unified healthcare system.

A centralised databank of patient records to achieve superior healthcare in Abu Dhabi.

Adopt transformative healthcare and medical management empowered by Malaffi.

Pioneered by the Department Of Health (DOH), Malaffi is the first-ever data exchange program in the region and aids in facilitating the documentation of critical patient health information to healthcare providers in real-time. Thus securely connecting 98% of healthcare providers across the Emirate of Abu Dhabi.

As Malaffi's appointed strategic partner, we at Etisalat aim to thoroughly safeguard patient information during data exchange. DOH, Malaffi & Etisalat highly prioritise the privacy of patient data, thereby employing the ingenious SD-WAN technology for data exchange.


Enables a clinical support tool by accessing unified patient records & encouraging accurate clinical decisions.

Patient Satisfaction

Endorses an effective delivery of care while raising patient safety by overcoming potential diagnostic & treatment errors.

Error Reduction

Lesser possibilities for medical & medication oversight due to simplified access to information and enhanced coordination.


Malaffi Overview


Malaffi endeavours to develop advanced healthcare standards and enhance patient care. Driven by integrity, innovation, collaboration and dedication, Malaffi connects healthcare providers in Abu Dhabi to foster elevated healthcare, enriched medical management and enhanced patient satisfaction.

Why connect to Malaffi through Etisalat?

No Upfront Cost

Etisalat offers this service on a monthly, pay-as-you-go subscription.


Etisalat provides cutting-edge technology that secures your connection to Malaffi.

Customer Service

Our superb customer service will ensure your service satisfaction.

For secure data exchange, an SD-WAN Connection is essential to inaugurate EMR services.


SD-WAN by Etisalat is engineered to boost the digital transformation of your healthcare operations by offering a smart panoramic platform of your entire network.
Additional features:
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    Cloud PABX

  • 15Mbps Upstream Bandwidth

  • icon--account-monitoring

    100MB Web Hosting

  • icon--SMS-notifications

    Communication & Collaboration Packages

SD-WAN by Etisalat is engineered to boost the digital transformation of your business by offering a smart panoramic platform of your entire network as it scales. SD-WAN is a cloud-based infrastructure that separates data and control planes managed through the console. You can swiftly establish an SD-WAN overlay fabric to connect data centres, branches, campuses and colocation facilities to improve network speed, security and efficiency.

The selection may need modification based on the technical information gathered by Etisalat technology teams while provisioning the service and would be suitably communicated and confirmed.

Device models are subject to modification based on availability and suitable approvals from Malaffi

*Based on the current Business Broadband Internet Bandwidth being used at your premise one of the SD-WAN CPE would be applicable.

Discover Electronic Medical Record (EMR) Plans

Browse through our EMR Plans and opt for the one that caters specifically to your healthcare facility’s needs!.

How can I access a patient’s file in Malaffi for the first time? 

The patient would need to registered in the EMR system of your facility. Once this has been administered, Malaffi receives a registration message following which the system will execute matching the patient’s EMR record with the patient’s Malaffi record. The patient information can then be accessed by clicking on the link embedded in your EMR.

Why am I unable to see some or any data of my patients?

This could occur for a variety of reasons. 

First, reason being that the healthcare facility it is meant to come from hasn’t been connected to the Malaffi Network yet. Second reason being the facility might not be sharing particular data type to Malaffi. Another reason could be that the EMR system of the particular facility does not have the capacity to configure and share that specific data set with Malaffi. 

Furthermore, if demographic details have been entered incorrectly in yours or any other EMR, this may prevent the matching of the EMR record with the patient’s Malaffi record and you may not see all the data for your patient.

For additional queries, we recommend for you to content the IT support of your facility.

Which medical information of a patient will I be able to access as a healthcare professional?

Malaffi is engineered to unify complete patient health information across all of the private and public healthcare providers in Abu Dhabi. You will have access to patient demographic, encounters, allergies, laboratory results, radiology reports, medications, procedures, diagnosis and problems.

What should I do if I experience a technical issue with Malaffi?

For technical issues with Malaffi, we recommend for you to please contact your organization’s IT department. After investigation of the facility’s IT infrastructure internally, you can further reach out to Malaffi IT support desk for assistance. 

Where can I see the healthcare providers connected to the Malaffi Network?

To access the list of healthcare providers, please visit  ​this page  on the Malaffi website.

Will my patients have access to Malaffi?

 Yes, by late 2021 we aim for patients have access to their key information through the patient portal and app. This is in motion to empower patients to adopt a more proactive approach to manage their health.

What should I do if I forget my password?

In the case of a forgotten your password, click on the “forgot password” button on the login page and follow the on-screen instructions to reset your password.

Do I need to install any special software or hardware?

Absolutely not. Cloud EMR is a cloud-based solution, which means all you need is a desktop, or laptop and internet access. You can use any web-bser to access the system, although most users find the best efficiency when using Google Chrome.

How do I migrate my patient data into Cloud EMR?

Our expert team will assist with migrating your patient data into Business Edge Cloud EMR. All you will need is to have your patient data (e.g. demographics, insurance, etc.) in a transferable format (e.g. Excel, CSV) and we will take care of the rest.

How long does the implementation take?

On average, implementation is completed within one week. However, the amount of time can vary based on the needs of the specific customer and how quickly they want to get started.

Is data safe on the cloud?

Absolutely. Your data is securely encrypted, stored and backed-up in the cloud. We also protect your data with the highest level of industry encryption standards.

Who can access my medical records?

Your medical records can only be accessed by the authorities you allow. The data is kept in a confidential environment and cannot be accessed by any unauthorised person.

Does Cloud EMR come with a patient portal?

Yes Cloud EMR has a comprehensive patient portal system, which allows the user to create an exclusive patient profile. Apart from uploading and securing your medical records, you can also schedule appointments with doctors.

Are there any implementation/activation fees?

Each Etisalat EMR plan has a one-time activation fee per licence of AED 100. Important note – with the Unlimited Licences plan, the AED 100 is only incurred for the first 31 licences activated (total AED 3100), beyond that license activation is free of charge.

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