Stay ahead of your competition

Starting from only AED 80/month
Excluding 5% VAT

Streamlined social media management

Experience a straightforward yet robust tool for social media monitoring and engagement. Easily track, respond to, analyse, and generate reviews from a user-friendly dashboard.


Manage online listings and reputation effortlessly.

8425_Smart Messaging_icon_

Receive daily email notifications for reviews and feedback.

Access continuous email and phone support.

Gain the e& advantage with

Total Control

All-in-one web listing & management.

Review Tracking

Efficient search and filter capabilities.

Instant Alerts

Daily email updates for timely responses.

Multi-Channel Aid

Access support via email & phone.

Documents required to apply:

  1. Valid Copy of Trade License
  2. Power of Attorney of the signatory
  3. Passport Copy with valid UAE Visa of individual, as authorised by Company
  4. Emirates ID copy of individual, as authorised by Company
  5. Tenancy contract
  6. Letter of Authority
  7. Establishment Card

Billing Frequency: Monthly
Contract Length: No minimum commitment; cancel anytime
All prices shown are exclusive of 5% VAT charge.
No set-up charges at the time of sign-up.

This plan is offered on a monthly contract with no downgrade/upgrade charges.

This service is sold on e&’s Business App Store. When you set up an account on e&’s Business App Store, you will be issued a password, for which you are solely responsible for maintaining the confidentiality of your accounts and passwords and for restricting access to them.

Once this service has been terminated, the subscriber will need to make any/all backups of their business data. e& will not provide any backup services and will not be liable for any data loss or depletion by the third party.

In cases of contract breach with early termination for the monthly-based subscription services, 100% of the remaining charges will apply until the expiry of the period. To exit early, customers would have to provide e& with a 30-day notice period of service cancellation.

Penalty-Free Service: Customer can exit the service contract within a maximum period of 5 days from activation without penalty charges (i.e., exit charges) if the service contract was mis-sold or the provided service did not comply with the service terms and conditions.

1. What exit charges are involved for Localyser?
- There are no exit charges for this product.

2. How long would product fulfilment for Localyser take?
- We are offering immediate fulfilment for this product.

3. Are there any prerequisites for the product?
- This product is sold as an add-on to an existing telco plan.

4. Is there a minimum contract term for Localyser?
⎯ There is no minimum contract term for Localyser. The user can cancel anytime.

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