Traffic Generation

Boost visibility and widen online reach

Starting from only AED 870/month
Excluding 5% VAT

Widen your online presence with ease

Ensure your website's strategic positioning across diverse online channels to drive targeted traffic and expand your overall reach effectively.

Secure 240-2,000 monthly visitors for optimised reach.

Monitor campaigns and performance via a central panel.

Make unlimited changes and keyword additions easily.

Gain the etisalat by e& advantage with

Steady Engagement

Ensured consistent traffic flow to your digital presence.

Precision Targeting

Implement targeted campaigns and optimise ROI.

Agile Strategy

Real-time tracking with unlimited updates.

Efficient Handling

Quick data access for smart decisions.

Documents required to apply:

  1. Valid Copy of Trade License
  2. Power of Attorney of the signatory
  3. Passport Copy with valid UAE Visa of individual, as authorised by Company
  4. Emirates ID copy of individual, as authorised by Company
  5. Tenancy contract
  6. Letter of Authority
  7. Establishment Card

Billing Frequency: Monthly
Contract Length: No minimum commitment, cancel anytime
All prices shown are exclusive of 5% VAT charge.

This service is an add-on and will be billed on your existing Etisalat internet services, such as Internet Bundles from Business Edge, Business Quick Start, and BusinessSuper. There is no prepayment required, so you can conveniently continue to pay your service bill, which will include this Digital Marketing solution.

This service is a subscription-based service. Cancellation of the service will mean that your campaign page or website will no longer exist.

• All plans are available on a monthly contract
• No exit charges are required in case of early termination
• Upon receipt of all information from the customer, etisalat by e& shall build the campaign within one business day
• etisalat by e& guarantees that the Customer will receive a specified amount of visitors to its website based on the Plan subscribed
• In the event that the agreed number of visits is not met, such number of visits which were not met will be added to the subsequent month
• During the month, the customer may request updates by contacting etisalat by e& between 9:00 AM to 5:00 PM, from Monday to Friday

What does “Boost My Website” by etisalat by e& offer?
If you have an existing website and are not generating business from it or are struggling to build awareness of it, by subscribing to this service, we will advertise your products or services online and bring up your website in searches so that we direct visitors to your website.

How do I subscribe to “Boost My Website” services?
You can subscribe to these services as add-ons to your existing Etisalat internet services, such as Internet Bundles from Business Edge, Business Quick Start, and Business Super. Just call us at 8005800 and we will have one of our customer care representatives guide you through the service and the subscription process.

How are these boosting services billed to me?
These services are add-on services and billed on your existing Etisalat internet services, such as Internet Bundles from Business Edge, Business Quick Start, and Business Super. There is no prepayment required, so you can conveniently continue to pay your service bill, which will include the Online Marketing service that you have subscribed to.

How do I cancel the service if it is not working for me?
You can cancel this service at any time by calling us at 8005800; no exit charges are required.

Are there additional charges for making changes to my campaign?
You can make as many changes as you want to your campaign at no additional charge. You can call us at 800366 from Monday to Friday, from 9:00 AM to 5:00 PM, and your assigned Online Marketing expert will be available to take your change requests and present you with the updated campaign for your approval either in real-time (for minor changes) or within the next business day (for major changes).

How do I know that the visits and queries are real?
You will have access to a control panel that will allow you to monitor your campaign in real-time. You will be able to see the number of times the ads have been displayed, the number of visits, the number of queries, etc. Contact form leads and customer details are saved in the control panel and can be re-accessed at any time. This data is 100% reliable since it was taken automatically from Google, and there is no way we can modify it.

When will the campaign start running?
Within 24 hours, your assigned Account Manager will contact you to ask for the necessary information to create your campaign.

Is the payment monthly or annual?
The payment is monthly, and the visits are renewed every month as well.

How do I access the control panel?
You will have access to a control panel through a username and password. Just login at You can access the control panel as many times as you want. Your account manager will call you and explain how it works.

Where will my ads show up?
Your ads will show up in the Google, Bing, and Facebook search engines and will be activated through specific keywords for your business.

What happens if I run out of visits in one day?
Our plans are designed to spread the visits evenly throughout the month so that you have an online presence every day.

Will they charge me for extra visits?
If we deliver extra customers to your landing page, there is no charge for this.

How can I see my ad on Google?
Google operates by auctioning to show the best results for its users. These auctions are based on the positioning and quality of the ads and on the investments that companies and businesses make. Besides, keep in mind that your ads will only be displayed enough times to cover your plan. For example, you have a plan of 500 visits, which means 16/17 visits per day. This way, we can't guarantee you that when you try to look for your ad on Google, you will find it, because perhaps the daily objective has already been met and your ads are no longer showing for the day. Nonetheless, Google does not recommend advertisers search their ads, because if they do find them and click on them, the plan's number of visits is spent. Otherwise, if they find the ad and do not click on it to avoid losing a visit, Google lowers the quality and positioning of the ads because it considers that the ad is not relevant to the user. Keep in mind that campaigns need time to position themselves and gain quality. It's not possible to publish an ad on the same day and appear on the first page of the search results at once. In addition, you have to consider that you are operating in a highly competitive market. Your competitors may be investing a larger sum than you are to be able to appear on the first page all the time.

How are the keywords defined? How many can I add?
The keywords are defined based on your business area. We have a tool that shows us the amount of traffic that each word has. We can add an unlimited number of keywords.

Can you set the days of the week to display the ads?
Yes, we can schedule the ads to show on the agreed-upon days. At first, we recommend displaying them every day to analyse the behaviour of potential customers.

Can I access the control panel from different devices?
Yes, you can access the control panel from a computer, tablet, or download the application on your mobile phone.

If the customer clicks my ad twice from the same computer, is it considered two visits?
Google registers the IP that searches for and clicks on the ads. This way, if the user performs the same search again, the ad will not be displayed to him again. In the event the customer clicks twice on the ad, it will count as two visits.

How much do you invest in advertising for this plan?
We will make the necessary investment to guarantee you these visits every month.

What are guaranteed visits?
It is considered a guaranteed visit once the internet user clicks on the ad and enters your landing page or website.

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