Cyber Edge X

A comprehensive perimeter defence solution for your entire organisation.

Secure users, applications, and data from anywhere

Designed to deliver 360-degrees of cutting-edge security from any device, location or network for every user in your organisation.

Cyber Edge X encompasses a range of security controls, delivered from the cloud, ensuring comprehensive security services to all users in your organization. At Etisalat, we understand that modern workforce requires modern digital security solutions. With remote working becoming a new-normal and growing cloud adoption, it’s time to redefine your perimeter security in cloud. With Cyber Edge X, users can connect to Web, SaaS, and Cloud Apps in a faster and secured manner with next generation security controls and managed services support for as low as AED 30/user/month.

It’s time for your business to adopt a simplified network security solution today!

Why Cyber Edge X?

Secure Remote Workforce

Direct-to-web or direct-to-cloud access from anywhere

Fully Cloud-Delivered

Existence of a service edge locally, to provide best-in-class service to customers

Global Footprint Of Nodes

Adopts a data-centric approach, protecting data everywhere it goes

Reduced Operational Costs

Eliminates on-premises infrastructure due to its Security as a Service (SaaS) Model and ensures lower, predictable costs

Redefine Your Perimeter With User-Based Plans

Choose between Edge X Standard or Edge X Professional, both are mindfully designed to ease working securely from literally anywhere.
Cyber Edge X Key Features
  • Secure Web & SAAS, browse web securely from anywhere, with enhanced visibility control and threat protection for cloud apps

  • Advanced Threat Protection, AI and ML powered threat protection to defend against modern cyber attacks

  • Data Loss Prevention, real-time protection and control to restrict data leakage from SaaS and Cloud Apps

How can I deploy Cyber Edge X service?
Cyber Edge X comes with default policies in place. You would just need to hire an agent on the end-machine to enable the service.

How is customer onboarding done?
Once the service is purchased, you will receive a call within 48 working hours to install and complete the onboarding process.

What are technical features covered in the service?
The technical features covered would be Secure Web Gateway (proxy) + CASB + DLP

Can I get a demo for the service?
Yes, absolutely. We advise you to kindly get in touch with your account manager from Etisalat for a quick demo.

Can I get a refund after 30 days?
A minimum of a 1-year contract period is required to initiate the service.

Billing Frequency: Monthly

Contract Length: 12-Month Commitment 

All prices shown are excluding of 5% VAT charge,

Service will auto-renew on an annual term unless specifically cancelled.

A one-time installation fee of AED 50 to AED 100 is applicable based on plan.

Basic onboarding is included as a part of the service.

Advanced deployment options are available with additional charges based on requirements.

Managed Service Support is provided by AG Help staff as a part of the plan. A max of 10 requests/year are accommodated with the Standard Plan and a max of 20 requests/year for the Professional Plan.

A minimum number of 5 users are required to avail the service.

In cases of contract breach with early termination, exit fees will be applied. The subscriber would be liable to pay remainder amount for the year’s subscription as the exit penalty. For example, if the plan was subscribed to on the 1st Jan and is terminated on the 30th April, the subscriber is liable to pay the full amount until the 31st Dec.

Penalty Free Service:

Customer can exit the service contract within a maximum period of 5 days from activation without penalty charges (i.e. exit charges) if the service contract was mis-sold or the provided service did not comply with the service terms and conditions.