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Enjoy video calls to colleagues and online meetings for free with Unified Communications. Our comprehensive communication solution combines high-tech telephony with video conferencing and collaboration tools.

We can radically transform your communication systems from just a simple exchange up to a multi-functional platform that can boost mobility and productivity across all your departments.

Explore some of the many features our communication solutions below:


Multipurpose Office Number

One number wherever work takes you! Stay accessible no matter the circumstances.

IVR and Extension Dialling

Use internal extensions to reach your colleagues in other office branches or business sites.

Free Bundled Minutes

Local or international call requirements? You’re covered! 100 free flexi-minutes per month for each user.

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Audio & Video Collaboration

Safe and secure online virtual meetings and collaborations through video and audio conferencing.

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1:1 Video Calling

Don’t compromise on collaboration! Enjoy the functionality to make video calls to your colleagues.

No Upfront Cost

Our business-friendly monthly subscription model negates the need for initial outlays on expensive equipment etc.


IVR and Extension Dialling Across Sites

In today’s high-volume call environments, setting up an Interactive Voice Response (IVR) to represent your organisation’s primary answering hub is crucial to the success of your business.

You can create menu structures, routing selections and call management settings at different times of the day (or even during holidays) by utilising our user-friendly portal.

Additionally, you will also be able to set-up a common dialing plan, allowing you to reach anyone in the organisation by simply dialing a short extension number.

Carry Your Office Number Everywhere

With more and more of the workforce working remotely and on the move, the demand for mobile communications is growing at record speed.

Unified Communications bridges the communication gap and delivers feature-rich telephony services directly to smartphones and tablets over Wi-Fi and 3G/4G/5G networks. 

Users have one phone number that can be connected to a desktop phone and to Windows, Mac, iOS, and Android clients…..making it easy to work from anywhere.

Free Bundled Minutes

Each user will enjoy 100 flexi minutes per month that can be used for national fixed-to-mobile calls or international usage calls. 

These minutes can be combined to form a shared pool of flexi minutes between all the users in the same site, enabling more flexibility amongst frequent and low usage users.  

Audio & Video Collaboration

Organisations require efficient and all-inclusive collaboration solutions to boost their productivity. That being the case, it has now become more crucial than ever to enable employees with video conferencing and screen-sharing capabilities.  

All you need to utilise these services is a basic web browser and an internet connection. You can then participate anytime…anywhere, enjoying multi-party HD video conferencing, or a simple dial-in for voice only participants. 

1:1 Video Calling

Increase collaboration and efficiency with 1:1 video calling…using video-enabled desk phones or a softphone app on mobile devices. 

Even users of Unified Communications service across different companies can make unlimited video calls with each other for Free!

Requires No Upfront Cost

With our Unified Communications Service, there is no need to pay upfront or invest in any infrastructure. 

Instead, you only pay for licenses that you use, and you can add users/office locations as your business grows. 

Our UCaaS solution is also quick and easy to deploy with transparent monthly fees. Additionally, as UCaaS is cloud-based, you will always have access to the latest technology and communication tools.

Dive into unlimited possibilities

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