Business Xtreme 375

Plan Features

  • 54GB Local Data info
  • 400 International Minutes info
  • Unlimited Local Minutes
  • Free 1GB Daily Roaming Data info

Business Xtreme 325

Plan Features

  • 54GB Local Data info
  • 400 International Minutes info
  • Unlimited Local Minutes
  • Free 1GB Daily Roaming Data info



5% VAT included



5% VAT included

Plan Benefits

Allowance TypeInclusions

Local Minutes

Unlimited Minutes

International Minutes

400 Minutes

Incoming Roaming Minutes


Outgoing Roaming Minutes


Local Data


Roaming Data


Flexi SMS

500 SMS

Additional Benefits

Allowance TypeInclusions
Free Daily Data for Productivity 1 GB Daily Data

Free eStore Website Builder

1 for each Party ID

Nonstop Data Access

Capped at 128kbps
Important Information

Billing Frequency: Monthly

Contract Period: No Minimum Commitment, No Termination Charges

About Additional Benefits

Free Daily Data Allowance 

An additional 1GB will be added to your daily data allowances for the exclusive use of productivity apps such as Microsoft Outlook, Microsoft Teams, Zoom, Yahoo Mail, Gmail. This allowance does not apply to external links within emails, such as YouTube, videos, and downloads. In terms of consumption, this allowance will be used first, followed by your in-bundle allowances.

The free eStore Website Builder will be assigned 1 for each Party ID and must be claimed by the Company Admin here.

More Information You Need to Know

Required Documents to Apply for Business Xtreme Plan

  • Valid Copy Of Trade License
  • Passport Copy With Valid UAE Visa Of Individual, As Authorised By Company
  • Emirates ID Copy Of Individual, As Authorised By Company
  • Letter Of Authority
  • Establishment Card

Contract durations is as per agreed original contract period between the client and Etisalat with two options being available: No Contract and 12-Month Contract.


Online Exclusive Offer on Business Xtreme Plans – Applicable for 12-Month Contracts: All new online subscriptions would benefit from a free 2-month upgrade.

After two months, plan is downgraded to the original plan purchased. Up on contract renewal, users would get their thirteenth month plan rental for free.


Billing Frequency: Monthly

All prices shown are excluding of 5% VAT charge.

A hassle-free upgrade/migration to any other Business First Plus & Business Xtreme Plans can be done without any exit charges. Subscribers of Business Xtreme 900 & 1200 would need to complete the 12-month duration until they upgrade or downgrade.

For AED 900 and above plans the outgoing roaming minutes benefit will be provided within 24 - 48 hours.

Business 375 (no contract plan) & Business 325 (12-month contract plan) promotional double data i.e. 54GB will be provided for a limited time only. After the promotional period ends, AED 325 & 375 plan customers will enjoy 27GB as standard Local Data benefits.

International minutes allowances are applicable to multiple destinations. Click here to view the list of applicable countries.


Flexi SMS  covers local & international SMS.

Penalty Free Service:

Customer can exit the service contract within a maximum period of 5 days from activation without penalty charges (i.e. exit charges) if the service contract was mis-sold or the provided service did not comply with the service terms and conditions.

Out of Plan Charges Within the UAE: These charges will only be applied should you exceed the allocations as per your Mobile Business Plan

International callsAED 2.40/min
Local callsAED 0.30/min
Closed User Group (CUG)AED 0.30/min
Local dataAED 1/MB
Local SMSAED 0.18/SMS
International SMSAED 0.60/SMS


Out of Plan Charges Outside of the UAE:

Incoming callAED 0.808/minAED 4.25/minAED 5.25/min
Outgoing call to the UAEAED 2.203**/minAED 9.50/minAED 15/min
Outgoing local callAED 0.881/minAED 4.50/minAED 10/min
Outgoing call to othersAED 9/minAED 13/minAED 15/min
Incoming SMSFreeFreeFree
DataAED 0.05508/30KBAED 1/30KB (Postpaid)
AED 1.5/30KB (Prepaid)
AED 1/10KB (Postpaid & Prepaid in Lebanon)
AED 1/30KB (Postpaid)
AED 1.5/30KB (Prepaid)

What are the device offerings with Business Xtreme?

With Business Xtreme Plans, you may avail any device available from the application form under a 12-month contractual option. 

Device add-ons are optional and are sold as per their standard retail price. You can subscribe to the device add-on when activating the base plan or even after it has been activated.

What add-ons are available with Business Xtreme?

Business Xtreme would come with an extensive list of add-ons for extended local and international minutes, local or roaming data add-ons. View list of add-ons here

Can customer downgrade/upgrade between Business Xtreme base plans?

If you are upgrading or downgrading within the Business Xtreme before 2 months, an early contract termination/service cancellation would apply. This would mean a one-time charge of the monthly rental would be charged. In the case that the online offer has been redeemed, you can upgrade to plans only after the completion of the promotional period of two months with the contract being reset and exit charges being applied. Subscribers of Business Xtreme 900 & 1200 would need to complete the 12-month duration until they upgrade or downgrade.

What are the exit charges?

Exit charges applicable for device and base plans as per the following:

       (i) Exit from the Base Plan only – 1-month of base plan rental fee. 

       (ii) Exit from Base plan with a Device - 1-month base plan rental fee + remainder months of rental for device.

Can you take a plan without a device?

Yes. You can choose to subscribe independently to the Business Xtreme Plan without devices.

What are Unlimited allowances?

Unlimited allowances are better defined as adhering to the fair usage policy or capping of minutes applicable.

How can I check my plan’s balance allowances?

You can check your balance allowances by simply dialing *140#