Group Health Insurance

Superior healthcare coverage for everyone.

Premium group medical policies, affordably priced!

Businesses in the UAE are expected to provide health insurance to their entire workforce to comply with labor regulations.

We are here to give your workforce access to insurance that offers maximum coverage per employee for their medical expenses, is fully customisable, and complies with health standards.

Quality Coverage for Every Group

Secures Employee Wellbeing
Compliant with Health Regulations
Comprehensive Health Cover


Customisable plans, pick between


Basic Plans

A standard coverage in compliance with HAAD / DHA 

Enhanced Plans

Choose from a wide range of tiers to meet your specific requirement

Top Tiers

Higher annual limits, comprehensive territorial coverages, & a wider network

About Easy Insurance

This solution serves as a marketplace of all the leading insurance providers.

Etisalat is not at any time considered as the insurance service provider or an agent of the Insurance Companies, (the Insurance Providers).