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Jumpstart your business with eStore services!


05 Apr 2022

You may have a great business idea, but until you have executed it, you’ll never know if it will succeed or not. As they say, it is when you stopped trying that you have failed.
Once you have mastered the guts to execute your business idea, you must have the right ingredients and the right proportions, just like in cooking, to get that perfect taste.
In business, that means having the right people and partners to execute your business plans to the core to kickstart the company and lead it to the next level.
In today’s digital age, having a reliable telecoms partner should be on top of your business agenda. In the UAE, you can always depend on Etisalat to get it all covered from A-Z to bridge the gap between you and your customers or clients.
Let’s begin with your business website. Today, every business, small or large, must have a website to establish their digital footprint to connect with the outside world.
Whether companies are selling products or services, having a website is a must so that people can learn what you do and offer. For those engaged in selling products, an e-store can help you reach a wider audience.
If you’re based in the UAE or any of the 16 other countries in the Middle East, Asia and Africa, where e& (formerly known as Etisalat Group) offers its high-tech telecoms and digital services, you’re in luck.
First, Etisalat UAE has the expertise and capabilities to help you create a great e-store thanks to its partnership with Basekit, the undisputed experts in e-commerce website building software with 120+ partners across five continents.
Basekit have helped over 9 million small/medium businesses launch and g their business online and you could be next.
Etisalat UAE offers a whole range of website products to help you create a bespoke, world-class website for your business. It could be bilingual, English and Arabic, with free content.

Choose between its  Free Website Builder or explore its premium services from AED65 per month. It also offers a fully managed service for a custom-built website which can be constantly updated by experts as your business evolves.

These offers come with an eShop platform that enables your customers to place orders online with a simple control panel that allows you to review placed orders and add/remove/edit as required.
And do keep this mind: eStore is FREE for existing Etisalat UAE Business customers when subscribed to the following services: Internet Bundles from Business Edge; Business Quick Start; Business Super, and; Business Landline
The eShop or e-store can be better with Etisalat UAE’s management thanks to its team of designers, developers and online marketing experts to help you make your business more visible and standout against the competition.
And get this! Etisalat UAE can also create for you the Google My Business listing, Google Maps location, plus in 20+ other online directories.
The multinational telecommunications services provider is not only one of the largest mobile network operators in the world but is also one of the top providers of IT solutions. And that includes IoT and Artificial Intelligence (Ai).
In digital language, that means Etisalat UAE can help you with digital marketing effortlessly. First, there is the email marketing strategy where you can create and send beautiful-designed branded emails to pitch your products or services.
emails/month with dashboard access with 500 sender IDs. The Basic Pack includes 20,000 emails/month, dashboard access with 500 sender IDs. Advanced Package gives you the privilege of 80,000 emails/month, dashboard & API access with 500 sender IDs. The Professional Pack gives you the colossal 150,000 emails/month, dashboard & API access with 500 sender IDs.
What’s more? Etisalat UAE is ging from strength to strength which gives you that digital advantage to connect with your customers and the world fast and easy. The UAE recently topped the global mobile index as the country with the fastest mobile network speed in the first quarter of 2021, according to the latest data from Ookla, a global leader in fixed broadband and mobile network testing applications, data and analysis.
With a download speed of 178.52 Mbps in March, the UAE overtook South Korea and Qatar in the mobile broad Speedtest Global Index which assesses over 135 countries, compares internet speed data from around the world on a monthly basis.
Etisalat UAE’s innovative solutions have indeed powered up people, businesses and economies to solve even the most challenging situations, thus creating opportunities and possibilities, in today’s interconnected world.