Apps 360

Your mobile app builder.
Starting from AED 300/month

App building made so easy
that everyone can go digital

starting from only AED 300/month

Thrive in the digital age by bridging the gap between you and your customers with your own made-to-order dedicated mobile app using Apps 360 – a rich solution with superhero AI-powered capabilities designed to empower organizations of all sizes across all industries and verticals by enabling them with their own tailor-made app for as little as just AED 300/month!

Begin building today and have your mobile app ready in 3 to 4 weeks!

easy. quick. affordable.
digital enablement for

End-To-End Inventory Management & Product Catalogue Capabilities

Easy, Quick & Seamless Integration.

Secure Payments & Order Tracking For Users & Internal Team Management

Admin Console Including Multiple Roles & Permissions Management 

Account Creation With The Option Of User & Management Accounts

Backed By Customer Care & Cloud Support.

How your business benefits

Enhanced Digital Brand Presence
Establish a powerful internal ecosystem while mapping exceptional digital experiences for your customers.

Fully Customised App 
Build an app without any limits, technical know-how or even a developer. Simply, identify, select and stack the features you need.

Fixed Fees & Timelines
Only add what you need and build at your own pace, with fixed timelines, fees, and budgets to ensure no surprises!

Aftercare Warranty
Operate with confidence, knowing that you are backed by experts who continuously monitor your software, runs updates, fixes bugs, performs upgrades, and more.

How your customers benefit

Offer Richer Engagement
Connect with your customers by identifying their profile, interests and executing relevant, targeted and personalised communications in real-time.

Deliver Instant Support
Offer round-the-clock support in real-time using potent features like instant messaging, chat, emails and more.

Ensure Superior Care
Automate knowledge base directories across multiple customer touchpoints for self-support and frequently asked questions.

Introduce Loyalty Rewards
Foster a deeper bond for your brand by leveraging the loyalty feature to reward new and returning customers with cost-saving benefits or special offers. 

Build delightfully functional apps for:

Looking to build your app faster and cheaper?

About Apps 360

Apps 360 is a service under the Etisalat Marketplace and is fulfilled by a third party, an Independent Software Vendor being Builder AI.

Contract duration: 12-Month Contract

Billing frequency: Monthly

All prices shown are excluding of 5% VAT charge.

By subscribing to this software, you are automatically authorising the software vendor, i.e. Builder AI to use the Google Play and Apple Store credentials for publishing and maintaining the Mobile App and have the adequate consent of the person owning the app’s credentials.

Features & Capabilities

App Maintenance is consistently done, even after your mobile app has completed. The aftercare warranty continuously monitors your software, to ensure timely updates are made, bug fixes are done and upgrades are in place.

About Bundled Add-on Services & Devices: All add-ons are annual contracts and are charged per month. Add-ons can only be purchased with an existing or new subscription.

Developer Account Creation: This service does not include Apple Store and Google Play developer's accounts. You would need to create these accounts with Google and Apple directly and pay as per their plans.

Third Party Charges: This service does not include Payment, Delivery, SMS or Email Gateways. Should you wish to subscribe to any/all of these features, they would be added and billed to you via a Third Party.

Users Limitation: The Gold Plan allows 100 concurrent users and the Platinum allows 500 concurrent users/month. For every additional 500 users within Gold or Platinum Plan, an extra fee of AED 100/month would apply.

View Apps 360 Application Form

Exit Charges:

In cases of contract breach with early termination in the first 12 months, exit fees of 3 months per user will be applied.

Penalty Free Service:

Customer can exit the service contract within a maximum period of 5 days from activation without penalty charges (i.e. exit charges) if the service contract was mis-sold or the provided service did not comply with the service terms and conditions.

Service Termination:

You may cancel the service by giving a one-month notice to terminate the contract. This means, upon service termination, you must immediately stop using the software. Etisalat will however, continue to provide you access to M2M Control Center for up to 90 days while you transition to another service. Upon service termination, any and all customer data would be automatically deleted by the Third Party, Builder AI within 30 days. The subscriber is required to make necessary backups prior to terminating the service. Etisalat does not perform any data back-up or migration services from Builder AI to other platforms and will not be liable for any liability and/or issue resulting in data loss.

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