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Build Stronger Customer Ties With Connected Retail


07 Sep 2023

Getting connected is all the rage among retailers right now. Thus, “Connected Retail” emerged - the integration of digital technology and data analytics in traditional brick-and-mortar retail stores with the goal of enhancing the entire customer shopping experience and streamlining operational processes.


Retailers can better analyse and grasp customer behaviour, preferences, and shopping patterns thanks to connectivity. As a result, they are able to launch customised offers, targeted promotions, and a more enjoyable shopping experience.



Various devices, beacons, systems, platforms and mobile applications are linked together in Connected Retail from a technology perspective to deliver real-time insights and provide a seamless and personalised shopping journey.


By using data-driven insights, Connected Retail gives shop owners the ability to streamline their supply chain, inventory management, and store operations. They can streamline processes, reduce costs and increase productivity as a result.


Customer journey

Connected retail is all about simplicity; it makes things easier by providing total network visibility, a single point of contact and connectivity solutions designed specifically for retail and built for maximum productivity and growth.


It is also all about reimagining the entire business setup. Restyling the customer journeys, promoting personalised eCommerce as well as in-store experiences, and elevating shopper experiences through connectivity.

Connected Retail

Connected retail is among a suite of unique digital solutions offered by etisalat by e&, an arm of e& in the UAE.


Technology, business processes, and customer experience are all integrated through Connected Retail to create a distinctive shopping experience. By combining the strengths of your retail offering with etisalat by e&’s connectivity expertise, you can effectively engage potential customers both online and offline and win their interest, patronage, and loyalty.


Transforming your retail business

It transforms your business for the better by reducing risks and increasing value to build a retail ecosystem that drives productivity, agility, and sustainability, by taking your retail business to the next level through streamlined operations and the seamless integration of your front-end and back-end.


It is, indeed, a more efficient way to achieve your retail goals.


Bridging the gap

etisalat by e& bridges the gap between your store’s online and offline sales, resulting in and increased efficiencies throughout your value chain. It also streamlines your inventory and allows your workers to handle product and stock information in real time.


Connected Retail by etisalat by e& has a fast turnaround time because it is equipped with a 5G network that allows for connection from anywhere. With built-in, end-to-end coverage, you get improved security and performance.

User experience

Because retail success is measured by customer satisfaction, etisalat by e& places a premium on creating a flawless, engaging, and interactive user experience for your client base and staff.


All of this is done to ensure that, at the end of the day, you have an empowered workforce, satisfied customers, and a competitive advantage when designing a retail store of the future.


Smart mirrors, for example, are equipped with technology that allows shoppers to virtually try on clothes, change the lighting, and even request assistance from store associates.


Display solutions

In line with this, retailers are now using virtual reality and augmented reality to enhance the shopping experience by allowing customers to virtually try items on, visualise how furniture will look in their homes, or explore virtual showrooms.


Smart shelves and interactive displays, which use sensors and digital screens for real-time product information, pricing, and promotions, are also used in Connected Retail. This keeps customers interested and helps them decide what to buy.


Connected retail also uses in-store beacons, which are small devices that use Bluetooth technology to communicate with customers through their smartphones and provide personalised offers, recommendations, and find their way around the store while they are inside.


Click & collect

Click-and-collect services are also a feature of Connected Retail. Many shop owners now let customers purchase items online and pick them up in-store, which is convenient for customers.


More and more retailers are starting to use mobile payment options such as Apple Pay, Google Pay, and Samsung Pay. This gives customers peace of mind that contactless payments made with their smartphones are safe.


Connected devices

On the other hand, connected devices like smart shelves, RFID (radio frequency identification) tags that use smart barcodes to identify items, and sensors help retailers track inventory, monitor product performance, and automate reordering processes.


There are also Connected Retail platforms that use data analytics and artificial intelligence to analyse customer preferences and behaviour and make personalised product recommendations, offers, and promotions.


Shop owners have also been integrating platforms that enable customers to browse and buy products right from social media channels.


At the same time, personalised deals and loyalty rewards are being added to mobile apps. Overall, Connected Retail aims to bridge the gap between physical and digital retail platforms. This will give customers a more personalised and convenient shopping experience while helping retailers improve their business performance.


etisalat by e& has solutions that are the best in the industry and brand-defining strategies that are backed by new technologies to help your customers and business reach new heights.