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Connected Retail

Integrating technology with business processes and customer experience to build a unique retail experience

A smarter way to accomplish your retail goals through transformation and optimisation

Combine the competencies of your retail offering with our connectivity expertise to establish efficient touchpoints with potential customers online and offline to gain their attention, business, and loyalty. By minimising risks and maximising value, we build a retail ecosystem that drives productivity, agility, and sustainability so you can design a retail store of the future.

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Pave a path towards retail network modernisation with Etisalat’s connected solution

In an industry where success is measured by customer experience, emphasis is laid on creating a seamless, engaging, and interactive user experience for your customers and workforce alike.

Take your retail business to the next level by streamlining operations and seamlessly integrating your front-end and back-end.

With our connected retail solution get the much-needed simplicity you’re looking for- complete network visibility, single point of contact, and retail-specific connectivity solutions built for optimal productivity and growth.

Realise your long-term vision of seamless and connected business centred around unparalleled customer service

A trusted partner that supports your digital transformation and smart retail vision by providing the right connectivity solutions aligning with your current and future needs.

End result: empowered workforce, delighted customers, and an edge over competition.

Transform Store Operations

Bridge the gap between online and offline sales and realise efficiencies across your value chain

Product Info & Inventory

Streamline your inventory and let your workforce manage product and stock information in real-time

Remain Always Connected

Equip with quick turnaround time with 5G last mile, connection is possible anywhere!

Secure Your Business

Gain superior protection and performance with in-built end-to-end security