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Customising Your App With AI Functions


11 Sep 2023

The digital age is becoming more exciting by the day, with generative AI spinning the world at breakneck speed, impacting e-commerce with increased productivity as processes are completed in the blink of an eye.


Stakeholders and entrepreneurs who need to catch up are doing well: Through a cutting-edge solution called Apps 360, a mobile app allows them to bridge the gap with their customer base for better engagement


Apps 360

Apps 360, which is all the rage these days from etisalat by e&, has superhero AI-powered capabilities. It is a tailor-made, dedicated digital tool at your disposal for a seamless operation, whatever business enterprise you have—be it e-commerce, food & beverage, healthcare, education, FMCGs or fast-moving consumer goods, or a gym. In a nutshell, flexible apps for all industries.


Apps 360 can be customised, enabling you to launch personalised campaigns for your e-commerce business, create an order tracking and management system, provide instant support, and roll out loyalty programmes.

Industry customisation

Restaurateurs can use Apps 360 to increase footfall by giving customers access, on-the-go, to menus and offerings like brunch specials; seasonal campaigns, including theme nights and weekend specials; and online orders, requests and inquiries. It can also be used to track deliveries and manage orders.


Those running hospitals and clinics can make life a lot less stressful for their patients and themselves, too, with Apps 360, which can be customised to have features showcasing their menu and offerings. It can also have other features like online registration, digital receptions, virtual consultations, appointment scheduling, and in-app prescriptions.


In the education field, Apps 360 is perfect for features like e-learning with offline mode, training manuals and resources; pre-recorded sessions, in-app submissions, and record management.


App 360 may be customised to include functions such as delivery scheduling, online ordering, and management, making it ideal for grocery and hypermarket chain owners undertaking FMCG retail and wholesale business. It can also feature products and special offers.


  • Gym owners can better reach out to their members by equipping their members with access to the gym from anywhere through tailor-made Apps 360 features for registrations, digital receptions, virtual group classes, session scheduling, special offers as well as FAQ resources and materials.
End-to-end solution

Apps 360, which is powered by, a company engaged in developing software, covers an end-to-end inventory management system which makes organising available products, as well as categorising and organising items by similarities, a lot easier.


It also makes integration with third-party APIs or Application Programming Interfaces like Facebook, Twitter, or Google, easy, quick and seamless. Other components include a 99.9 per cent uptime through the latest available technologies.


Easy set up

Apps 360 boosts the digital impact of your brand presence by building a strong internal ecosystem and mapping out exceptional digital experiences for your customers.


It allows you to build an app without any limits, technical knowledge or even a developer. Simply, identify, select and stack the features you need while benefiting from instant prototyping of user journeys.


It lets you be creative because you can add what you need and build at your own pace, with fixed timelines, fees, and budgets to ensure no surprises.


You can also operate with confidence because experts are constantly keeping an eye on your software, running updates, fixing bugs, upgrading it, and more.


Better engagement

Apps 360 makes it easier to connect with customers because you can find out their profiles and interests and send them relevant, targeted, and personalised messages in real time.


Apps 360 also makes things simpler for customers and keeps them around by giving real-time support around the clock with powerful tools like instant messaging, chat, emails, and more.


It also ensures customers get the best care possible by automating knowledge-based directories FAQs across multiple customer interactions.


Apps 360 also makes customers feel more connected to your brand by using the loyalty feature to reward new and returning customers with cost-saving benefits or special offers.


And all this starts for just AED 300 a month, based on which of the two annual plans (gold or platinum) you choose.


In fact, business has never been better than it is now.