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Be heard and seen with Etisalat’s Smart Messaging Platform


08 Nov 2021

Be heard and seen loud and clear with Etisalat’s Smart Messaging Platform. These days, digitalisation is the top game-changer in all aspects of business. Learn how digital signage can be one of your best tools in promoting your products.


Did you know that people check their phones, on average, 85 times a day? More to the point, such behaviour results to an awesome open rate of 82 percent, meaning the percentage of subscribers who check on their messages or emails out of the total number of subscribers.

What does this make of the mobile phones then? A highly effective marketing tool that you could certainly use for your business through SMS marketing, bulk SMS and email marketing, among others.
Etisalat’s Smart Messaging Platform, with all its features, can take you there, enabling you to reach new and existing, explore beyond the boundaries, so to speak, with a really engaging SMS marketing campaign.

In a nutshell, Etisalat’s Smart Messaging Platform is capable of managing multiple marketing methods and campaigns; cost-effective as it reaches customers, existing and potential, in a highly effective way that represents incredible value for money.

It is also flexible being an “accessible anywhere” platform that works with you to achieve a complete and successful marketing strategy. It obtains trackable and measurable campaign results through comprehensive reporting options and is designed to support your specific requirements.
Indeed, effective communication has just become stress-free easier with Etisalat’s Smart Messaging Platform because you can also customise messages through this potent tool for SMS marketing. It gives a window of opportunity to effectively plan and manage instant, scheduled, personalised or template-based SMS marketing campaigns to create a lasting engagement with huge returns.
Etisalat’s Smart Messaging Platforms comes in the form of email marketing and SMS marketing.
Etisalat’s Smart Messaging Platform has features that gives you a good night’s sleep. It boosts engagement through an omni-channel or comprehensive, integrated approach utilising SMS, email, In-app notifications and Chatbot for a more promising SMS marketing and email marketing campaign resulting to a cohesive experience on the part of the customer.
It’s a competitive and quite challenging market out there and Etisalat’s Smart Messaging Platform is a way for your business to be equipped with that cutting edge, stand out and survive.
Among key functions is a one-time recurring and scheduled campaigns from the user interface (UI) – those series of screens, pages, and visual elements in the form of buttons and icons allowing a customer to engage with a product or service.
Another function is the API-based email and SMS “trigger,” which sends across messages based on a specific action or event through an application programming interface or API, a set of programming code enabling data transmission from one software product and another. Triggered messages are fixtures of a SMS marketing strategy for it to be effective because it allows you to seamlessly integrate your sales and marketing tools.
Still other functions include HTML-based email composing and editing as well as template-based SMS and email sent.

Etisalat’s Smart Messaging Platform is capable of creating and managing multiple accounts and users, which in turn, gives businesses a much-needed shot in the arm for wider reach and a higher return on investment.

It makes use of open APIs for optimal integration and engagement with third party apps without causing disruptions in your marketing strategy. Moreover, it helps manage phonebooks and contacts list for swift accessibility when you need it the most.
In terms of reporting, Etisalat’s Smart Messaging Platform allows for a trackable and measurable campaign results on each channel through comprehensive reporting options. It can also come up with reports on key performance indicators (KPIs) and analytics also for each channel enabling you to always be on top of the situation and make quick decisions.
Etisalat’s Smart Messaging Platform also provides a key indicator – delivery success for SMS to make you sure you got the message across the specific market segment; as well as email click through rates and bounce rates for the same purpose.
All said, key elements of Etisalat’s Smart Messaging Platform include UAE cloud-based solution that is accessible from everywhere, a complete self-service platform for customisation based of target market requirements, open APIs for flawless integration and engagement, detailed reporting to help in building an analysis of the campaign’s performance and billing.
Etisalat’s Smart Messaging Platform comes in flexible plans encompassing a wide range of business needs as well as user-friendly, centralised dashboards.