800 Toll Free

Turn your company’s name into your toll free number


Take your business to the next level with our 800 Toll Free Service

Expand your market with a unique and easy-to-remember business toll free number that allows customers to reach you for FREE anytime, anywhere - in office or on the move.



  • Route incoming calls by location, day and time 
  • Distribute customer calls to a group of phone lines so as to streamline your operations 
  • Track and optimize incoming calls online hassle free 
  • Maintain one permanent number wherever you re-locate in the UAE 
  • Benefit from a dedicated 24/7 support to keep your business running
Plan 1

Premium Plan

    • Fixed calls AED 0.20
    • Mobile calls AED 0.25
  • Charges per minute

5% VAT excluded

Installation fee AED 300
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Plan 2

Basic Plan

    • Fixed calls AED 0.24
    • Mobile calls AED 0.30
  • Charges per minute

5% VAT excluded

Installation free**
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Plan 3

Regular Plan

    • Local calls AED 0.05
    • Fixed calls AED 0.18*
    • Mobile calls AED 0.24*
  • Charges per minute

5% VAT excluded

Installation fee AED 600
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Plan 4

Flat Rate

    • Fixed calls AED 0.15
    • Mobile calls AED 0.15
  • Charges per minute

5% VAT excluded

Free Installation
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** Connection charges are waived as part of the promotion on basic Plan (Jun-Aug 2019)

In 800 Toll Free regular plan, charges differ from peak time Vs off peak time. There are 2 off peak slots (00:00 – 07:00) & (14:00 - 16:00)
Call rates - Mobile AED 0.18, Landline AED 0.09

Basic Plan & Premium Plan – 12 months contract and 1-month rental in case of early termination
Regular Plan & Flat Plan – 3 months contract and no charges in case of early termination

Configure call settings

Configure your call settings or to change, please visit

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