Exclusive Deals For RAKBANK Customers!

2 Months of Extra Benefits on all New Postpaid Plans for Your Business + 1 Month Rental Free!

Introducing exciting offers for RAK Bank Customers to enjoy! 2 months of free double minutes and plan upgrades are offered to them with all new Business First Plus & Business Xtreme Plans. Top that with the thirteenth month rental of whichever mobile plan selected, offered for absolutely free.

With always-on connectivity on the forefront, our Business Mobile Plans are designed especially to keep your business connected, at all times, from anywhere.

  • This web-exclusive offer is available for all new subscriptions on any Business First Plus & Business Xtreme mobile plan.
  • Customers can enjoy double minutes for both national & international or free upgrade to the next plan’s benefits for three months.
  • Offer is available for new subscriptions, made online only.
  • Offer is valid on 12-month contract plans only. 
  • Once subscribed to your package, each month you will automatically receive your benefits.
  • For Business First Plus Plans, any unused minutes, can be carried over, for up to three months. 
  • For Business Xtreme Plans, customers will get a free upgrade to the benefits of the next plan category (Example: Subscribe to Business Xtreme 325 and you will be upgraded to the benefits of Business Xtreme 600) for three months only. Customers who subscribe to Business Xtreme 1200 enjoy Unlimited Data for three months. Free Gold Number is also available for Business Xtreme 900 Plan and 1200 Plan Subscribers.
  • After three months, plan is downgraded to the original plan purchased.
  • To order online you’ll require your username or registered email address and your password. If you have forgotten your password, simply click the “Forgot Password” link and follow the on-screen instructions. You can log in or reset your password HERE.
  • Due to the exceptional nature of our special offers, they work on a mutually exclusive basis. That means that it’s an “only one offer per customer” situation.
  • The exit fees from any Business First Plus or Business Xtreme contract are the cost of one month of the plan rental or AED 1,000, whichever is lower.

Enjoy 1 Month Free On Fixed Internet Bundles

National Bank of Fujairah’s Customers can now claim FREE rental for 1 month on all e&’s Internet Bundles. Enjoy high-speed internet, web storage, choice of managed Wi-Fi or Firewall service and much more, all in one single bundle

Each package will also include the following:

1) One domain name

2) One fixed line connection with zero rental

3) 100 minutes of fixed to mobile national calls & 100 minutes of international calls. 


What documentation is required for Internet Bundles?

You would require the following documents to subscribe to e&’s Internet Bundles:

A. Original valid Trade License + color photocopy with signature. 

B. Original valid Establishment Card + color photocopy with signature.

C. Original Passport of Company’s Authorized Contact/Sponsor + color photocopy with signature.  

D. Original Power of Attorney or Letter of Authorization.


What is the minimum length of the contract for the bundle?

The minimum contract length of Internet Bundles is 12 months.


Is there any Domain or Web Hosting in Internet Bundles? 

Yes, with Internet Bundles you will get Domain & Web Hosting.


Is the domain name free?

Kindly note that the domain name is renewed on a yearly basis and the minimum period of hire for it is 1 year.


Do Internet Bundles provide business emails?

Yes, it does. The number of emails given are based on the package subscribed.


Are Collaborate Lines provided with Internet Bundle subscriptions?

Free Collaborate Lines are only provided to Internet Bundles subscriptions with 5 (five) or more Communicate Lines.


Is there any warranty for the free devices (IP Phone)?

Yes, the warranty covers free devices for as long as the service is active. 


What if I have a technical issue up on set up or have received misinformation?

Please be aware of our Penalty Free Service.  This means that this service can be cancelled within 5 days from date of activation without any exit charges provided either of the below two conditions are satisfied:

• Technical Issue: The service is not working as promised by e& or not in alignment with the T&C’s of the service.

• Misinformation: The customer has been misinformed before signing the contract. 


What are the Exit Charges?

Exit charges during the Minimum Term would be 1 month of base plan fee + recovery of devices for the remaining contract months.


How are Fixed lines charged?

Fixed to Fixed call charges: Free (AED 0.15/min post consumption of 7,500 minutes FUP)

Fixed to Mobile call charges: AED 0.30/min

Click here to find out the rates of theInternational calls from your landline.

Internet Bundles Application Form -Click here to download

Experience The Power of Intelligent CCTV Solutions Starting as low as AED 69* only

Keep your business secure with Video Surveillance by e&. A powerful CCTV solution with 24/7 access from a mobile App, Business Intelligence tools, daily analytics and much more. Subscribe now and avail free installation, exclusive for RAKBANK Customers.

CCTV Plans with Internet Connection

CCTV Plans without Internet Connection

  • Each plan also includes 45 days local storage and 7 days cloud storage.
  • Exit charges are applicable.

Take Your Business Online With A FREE eCommerce Website!

Sell your products with complete ease with a free website builder offered exclusively to NBF customers.

What’s more? Enjoy website enhancements based on the growth of your business with our fully Managed Web Service. Signing up for this would give you an ever-growing, customized website for your company, entirely managed by our experts for as low as AED 65/month!

  • Services fees are based on a 12-month contract duration. An early exit charge applies, equivalent to 2 months’ subscription.
  • Benefits also include web hosting and a control panel for analytics. 
  • Packages are available on a monthly contract. Exit charges are applicable.

Q. Who is eStore for?

A. eStore is for anyone who wants their own website and online presence, regardless of technical ability or skill level. You don’t need any previous experience of building a website to create a beautiful and professional online presence; our pre-built sections have been handcrafted by a team of designers to help you get your business online with ease.

Our online store builder makes it a great fit for people who want to sell products or services online, but it’s by no means limited to those people. Bloggers, artists, tradespeople, dressmakers, dog groomers…anyone can get online with eStore.

Q. What is eStore?

A. eStore gives you everything you need to create a website for yourself. You don’t need any complex technical knowledge to use eStore; just the content you want to include on your website. eStore saves you the time and money of hiring an expensive website designer, as our drag, drop and tap interface makes you look like a professional right from the start.

Q. Do I need a website?

A. If you are running a business, yes! A website will build credibility and trust for your business, giving you control of how people see your business and helping you to attract the right customers.

Q. What is a domain name and why is it important?

A. A domain name is the address where your customers can find you online (e.g. www.yourbusiness.ae). An individual domain name will instantly make you look professional and help to build credibility for your brand. It’s just as unique as your fingerprint, so no two websites can have the same name, ensuring your visitors can easily find you online.

Q. What are the benefits of being able to use my phone to create and manage my website?

A. Being able to create and update your website on your phone means that you can make the most of your time by updating your website anytime, anywhere. No matter where you are or how long you have, your website will always be with you. 

Q. What does a ‘responsive’ website mean?

A. A responsive website resizes itself based on the device it’s being viewed on. This means that if someone is viewing your website from a phone, it won’t be so tiny it’s hard to read; it will resize and reshape itself to fit their device! Similarly, even if you’ve created your website on your phone, it will fill the screen and look great on a desktop too. With eStore, this is all built in - so it’s instantly responsive without you having to do a thing!

Q. How much does eStore cost?

A. eStore is a “free for life” tool for current Internet Bundles from Business Edge, Business Quick Start, Business Super, and Business Landline customers. No contract, no commission, no hidden charges. 

Q. I’m ready to start building my website, how do I access eStore?

A. Once you’re successfully subscribed to eStore, you can access the website builder here: signin.on.smeonline.ae/

Q. Will I get eStore free of charge?

A. eStore is free of charge for current e& customers subscribed to any of the following products or services: Internet Bundles from Business Edge, Business Quick Start, Business Super, and Business Landline. Please note, should a customer no longer be subscribed to any of the applicable e& Business products and services, they will no longer be eligible for eStore.

Q. I'm stuck while building the website, do we have any video tutorials?

A. For absolutely everything you need to know about how to use eStore and build the perfect e-commerce website for your business, please visit our eStore User Guide Page

Power Up Your Business With Microsoft 365

Transform the way you work with the most purpose-built tools in Office 365. Loaded with the best-in-class apps, intelligent cloud features, device management, advanced security, and the convenience of working from anywhere, at anytime, on any device.

Exit charges are applicable.

Customer Setup & Support includes:

• User creation (Login credentials)

• Domain name setup (if domain is with e&)

Configuration & Migration Project (optional):

• Installation of desktop software

• Configuration of desktop software

• Migration of emails, calendar data & files 

Customer setup and support charges

- First 4 users at the time of sign-up 

- 5th user onward

- AED 50 per company 

- AED 5 per user

Configuration & Migration charges (optional)

- First 4 users in each project 

- Additional users

- AED 250 project setup charges 

- Will be charged as per the number of users 

Migration charge per user

- For less than or equal to 10 licenses

- 11 to 20 Licenses

- 21 to 30 Licenses

- 31 to 50 Licenses

- 51 to 99 Licenses

- 100 or more than 100 Licenses

- 70 AED per user

- 60 AED per user

- 50 AED per user

- 40 AED per user

- 30 AED per user

- 25 AED per user

5% VAT excluded