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Transform the way you purchase your devices

In most cases, the service stops at device acquisition, but why stop there when you can have a fully managed end-to-end device solution? We've crafted a comprehensive solution that accompanies you throughout the whole device lifecycle, from device selection, to protection, to upgrades and trade-ins

Welcome to the future of device management and explore our catalogue which includes mobiles, computers, printers, projectors, displays, security solutions, tablets, other services, and more! 

We’ve got every step covered

With Device 360, we bring you more than just an array of devices from trusted vendors. We will also be accompanying you through every step of the device lifecycle. Explore the numerous benefits when you choose our Device 360 solution. 

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Wide range of vendors and devices to choose from

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Choose between OPEX and CAPEX billing flexibility

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Reliable installation, configuration, and maintenance

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Hassle-free upgrades and trade-ins.

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Excellent support and device care.

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Fully managed end-to-end device solution.

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24/7 Support

Get round-the-clock support from our team of experts



Flexible payment options guaranteed to suit your needs


Scalable solution that grows with your business


Efficient solution that will streamline your operations


  • Enjoy your devices while we take care of everything else—from sourcing to recycling.
  • With our Device as a Service solution, we take care of everything. Select your minimum configurations, and that's it. You'll receive ready-to-use devices in your facilities around the world. Enjoy sustainable, state-of-the-art IT with full cost control.
  • Best-in-class devices from the world’s leading manufacturers are waiting for you; this ensures significantly increased device availability.

Our services:

  • Device Selection and Procurement: You simply select from our standardised device categories to meet your needs exactly. We take everything else off your shoulders, procure all devices worldwide, and ensure the best conditions for you. And with our fixed price per device per month, the costs are predictable.
  • End-to-End Logistics and Support: All devices are safely stored in our own warehouses around the world and can be delivered within the blink of an eye to your facilities—fully configured and ready to use. Just plug in and start working. And if you need a replacement, we offer a one-business-day device swap worldwide.
  • Sustainable Tech Solutions: We follow the circular economy approach. Discover a greener way to upgrade your devices. Our commitment to the circular economy ensures that when you're ready for a new gadget, we don't just recycle your old one—we rejuvenate it and make it available to the next person who wants and needs it. By choosing our eco-conscious approach, you not only contribute to a healthier planet but also enjoy fantastic savings for your wallet.

Device as a Service (DaaS) benefits:

DaaS provides a range of benefits to an organisation and its employees.

  • Full Lifecycle Management: DaaS providers take responsibility for managing a device from procurement to replacement. This reduces the load on IT personnel, enabling them to focus on other tasks.
  • Improved Security and Compliance: DaaS providers are specialists in securing mobile devices in accordance with internal security policies and regulatory requirements. This provides higher security and compliance than is likely possible in-house.
  • Enhanced User Experience: DaaS providers have streamlined processes and dedicated personnel for managing employees’ devices. This results in faster procurement, better customer service, and an improved user experience.
  • End-to-End Logistics: DaaS providers manage device procurement, recovery, and maintenance processes from end-to-end. This reduces the workload of IT personnel and enables devices to be purchased, fixed, and retrieved more quickly and efficiently.
  • Personal Use: Company-owned phones with dual-SIM functionality can be used for both personal and private use without compromising on either corporate cybersecurity or employee privacy.
  • Greater Sustainability: DaaS providers have processes in place for device recovery, refurbishment, and recycling. By enabling responsible disposal of used devices, they improve the sustainability of an organisation’s mobile device programmes.

1. Why use a device management package like DaaS upfront?

Since the pandemic began, working from home has become necessary for many, making DaaS an essential part of keeping businesses running. DaaS facilitates a more rapid adaptation to remote work, enabling businesses to acquire hardware without making a big purchase upfront.

Additionally, configuration and management of users aren’t necessary because they are the responsibility of the DaaS provider. There are many more benefits to DaaS, as described below:

  • Cost Savings

As a single-paid service, businesses can expect a predictable monthly cost instead of making an upfront capital investment. The predictability enables businesses to become more efficient with their cash flow, budgeting, and hardware upgrades.

  • A Flexible Approach

Businesses can scale their network up or down to accommodate any number of devices they need as their business changes.

• Increased Productivity

Device management is simplified as DaaS provides many services, such as:

  • Procurement
  • Onboarding
  • Provisioning
  • Maintenance and support

As a result, businesses can focus on operations, gaining leads, and serving customers while leaving all asset management tasks to the DaaS provider.

  • Evergreen Strategy

DaaS is an evergreen strategy where devices are automatically updated based on a schedule. Without DaaS, businesses are forced to spend money on hardware repairs, downtime, and new hardware or software if the vendor announces an EOL.

The business will then need to assess its IT infrastructure and change its business-critical applications, which could create multiple points of failure. DaaS ensures that businesses don’t suffer the costs or bear the responsibility of secure device disposal.

  • Simplified Management Services

If your business opts for additional services in your DaaS package, your provider will handle a variety of managed services, such as:

  • Updates and Patching
  • Device Monitoring
  • Maintenance
  • Help Desk Services

Businesses have peace of mind when it comes to using physical hardware, knowing their provider will take care of any issues that may arise.

2. Where to start?

We offer professional DaaS consulting services for businesses.

Our DaaS team services are at the heart of the projects we implement with you. We will take the time to fully understand your reality before advising you on the best possible options to achieve your business goals.

Our DaaS team has all the certifications and qualifications needed to solve your current problems and has the collective knowledge of various industries to better serve your company. The DaaS team will help you answer the following questions:

  • What are the best solutions for our organisation?
  • How can we leverage these solutions to work better?
  • How can we establish, implement, and manage future solutions?

3. How does “Device as a Service” work?

Like other “as a service” offerings, DaaS involves partnering with a third-party provider to offer a wide range of relevant services. In the case of DaaS, the provider is responsible for the common management tasks related to smartphones, tablets, and laptops. These include:

  • Procurement
  • Device management
  • Application management
  • Logistics
  • Incident management (replacements for defects)
  • Offboarding (data deletion, refurbishing, or recycling)

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