Unlock a Hassle-Free Mobile Future with eSIM.

Seamless Connectivity for Effortless Experiences

Tired of the inconvenience of physical SIM cards? Dive into the future of connectivity with eSIM technology. Explore the simplicity of managing your mobile plans and devices seamlessly. Embrace a new era of streamlined, hassle-free mobile experiences.

No physical cards, no hassle

Effortless carrier switching

Simplified device management

Buying an eSIM

Your Passport to the Future of Connectivity

Uncover perks, compatibility, and a simple step-by-step guide to acquiring your eSIM. Elevate your mobile connectivity effortlessly.


eSIM Replacement

Seamless Transition to Digital Connectivity

Ditch physical SIMs! Explore our guide for effortless eSIM transition, seamless carrier switching, and the freedom of a digital SIM.


Requirements for eSIM Activation

Verified UAE PASS Account

Ensure your UAE PASS app account is verified. If not visit FAQ and verify now

Valid Emirates ID on UAEPASS

Add valid Emirates ID to UAE PASS: Click 'Add Documents,' find Emirates ID, & add it.