Share Hub

It’s smarter. It’s more rewarding.

Unlock more value, earn greater rewards, redeem free monthly allowances, and more

via Share Hub in the Mobile Service Centre of the Business Online Portal

Introducing Share Hub, a business mobility platform exclusively for our Business Customers that offers free monthly shareable allowances, exclusive access to try-before-you-buy on various products and solutions, 360o reports, and much more. 

Free monthly shareable allowances

Get complimentary shareable local and international minutes and local data to boost your work operations. 

Equipped with real-time reporting

Experience a clearer view of your staff’s postpaid usage and be able to optimise your company’s spending. 

Make your Share Hub experience even better

Avail additional shareable monthly add-ons to further elevate your staff’s work productivity.

About Share Hub

What is the eligibility criteria to access Share Hub?

All Business Postpaid Customers under Company Owned Company Paid Lines (COCP) that have been with Etisalat by e& for at least nine months or more are eligible to use and benefit from Share Hub.

Are all COCP accounts eligible for free shared pool benefits?

No, subscribers with Postpaid Plans valuing AED 50/month or less will automatically not be eligible to receive any free shared allowances.

What are shared pool allowances?

Shared pool allowances allow Company Admins to manage, allocate and set data, voice, and international limits per mobile account based on the user's requirements, preferences, and usage—this aids in optimising costs while offering flexibility based on consumption history.

How are free allowances calculated?

By the end of each month, businesses are rewarded with an additional percentage of their accumulative allowances that can be used as their shared pool allowances. The percentage is calculated on base plan allowances of local minutes, international minutes, and local data for all active accounts.

What is the validity period of the free allowances?

The free allowances are available on the first day of the month and are valid until the end of the month.

Can I carry forward my free unused shared pool allowances?

No, the free shared pool allowances expire at the end of every month and cannot be carried over to the next month.

Do I need to allocated shared allowances every month?

Shared allowances once set will continue to be allocate in the same way and would not require manual allocation every month.

Can prepaid accounts redeem Share Hub benefits?

All prepaid, CEP, and MobileHub accounts will be excluded from Share Hub benefits.

How are unlimited allowances treated?

All unlimited allowances are automatically excluded from the pool allocation with the below-defined threshold of unlimited allowances:

  • Local Minutes: 50,000 Minutes
  • International Minutes: 50,000 Minutes
  • Local Data: 2,000GB

How can I view my organisation's monthly shared allowance pool reports?

Three monthly reports are made available to company admins:

  1.  The Shared Allowance Report, which shows the allocated allowances per user and the amount used from the free and paid pools;
  2. The Corporate Summary Report, which records the monthly breakdown of allocated free pool allowances and purchased pool allowances; and
  3. The Change Log Report, which illustrates the actions conducted by various admins. These reports are available for download from the Business Online Portal for a period of six months.

What is the eligibility requirement for tiers classification?

Your organisation’s tier is determined based on your monthly billing average of past 3 months for comprising the total number of lines, services, and business solutions purchased from Etisalat. However, if you wish to upgrade your tier, you may pay a fixed monthly fee to upgrade to a specific tier. To know more, please get in touch with your Sales/Account Manager.

In which order will the allowances be consumed?

The order of allowance usage priority is as follows: Base Plan, Individual Add-on, Free Shared Pool, Paid Shared Pool, out of bundle usage.

What is the calculation method of reward value?

The total rewards allowances translated into Dirham value as per the standard rates as below

  • Local Minutes: AED 0.3
  • International Minutes: AED 2.4
  • Local Data: AED 60

What does it mean when the admin allocates allowances?

When the admin allocates allowances, they are simply setting the consumption limit for the employee. They do not take any portion from the free pool and give it to the employee.

What is the local data unit of allocation?

The local data unit of allocation is in Megabytes, not Gigabytes.

What is the difference between free and paid shared pools?

Free shared pool allowances are the monthly extra allowances depending on an organisation's total number of local, international calls, and local data. Paid shared pool allowances consist of the total extras or boosters paid for by the Company Admin. These benefits are extended to all users connected under a specific Party ID.

What categories of add-ons can be purchased for the paid shared pool?

Company Admins may purchase one-time or recurring add-on packs, including extra local and international minutes and local data. These add-ons can be purchased multiple times in a month and are activated instantly.

What if the number is not visible for allocating the allowances?

Numbers that are not visible or are in grey colour are not eligible for Share Hub benefits.

How to find Share Hub?

Log in to the Business Online Portal, navigate to the Mobile Service Centre under 'Services', and click on 'Accounts' to view, manage, and redeem your benefits today!

How to do the Share Hub allowance allocation?

Log in to the Business Online Portal, navigate to the Mobile Service Centre under 'Services', go to Settings, and click on share allocation.

How to find and view reports?

Log in to the Business Online Portal, navigate to the Mobile Service Centre under 'Services', go to accounts, click on account information, click on see usage, and download the required report.

What does it mean when the admin allocates allowances?

When the admin allocates allowances, they are setting the consumption limits for the employees. This does not involve transferring any portion from the free pool to the employees.