Video Surveillance from Business Edge

An all-inclusive solution, merging security with analytics.

Enjoy The First 3 Months Of Your Device Rental Free!

Plans start from only AED 69/month!


Identify, Understand & Serve Your Customers Better

Video Surveillance from Business Edge - now with enhanced features and richer analytics.

Secure your premises with a power-packed solution that is specifically designed to shield and boost your business—offering you advanced business intelligence tools, in-depth analytics, upgradeable cloud storage, a broad selection of high-definition cameras to pick from, 24/7 access from anywhere on any device and much more.
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Gain complete ownership with easy pay-as-you-go fixed monthly plans comprising of no upfront costs or hidden charges and starting from only AED 69/month! Plus, enjoy savings of up to AED 3,200 with free installation upon subscription!


Comprehensive Solution

Inclusive of dome & bullet cameras, NVR with 45 days of local storage, free cloud storage for 7 days, video analytics & managed services


Security With Analytics

24/7 security through Detector & Asset Protector. Plus Tamper Detection in case of camera failure & Left Object Detector for unattended items.


Business Intelligence Tools

Reports daily Footfall Analysis, Heat Mapping plus People Count. Option to add-on Demographic & Queue Management analytics.


Upgradable Cloud Storage

7 days of free continuous and event-based rolling footage with the ability of upgrading the storage to 30, 60, or 90 days.


Monthly Subscription Model

Benefit from a Pay-as-you-go model instead of paying upfront. Aids in efficient cost
management with fixed monthly rentals and
no hidden charges.


24/7 Web & Mobile Access

Monitor your premises 24/7 with secured access from any device at any time using
the Etisalat Business Mobile App or Business Online Portal

Important to Know

About Etisalat Video Surveillance as a Service (VSAAS)

Documents required to apply:
  1. Valid Copy of Trade License
  2. Power of Attorney of the signatory
  3. Passport Copy with valid UAE Visa of individual, as authorised by company
  4. Emirates ID copy of individual, as authorised by company
  5. Tenancy contract
  6. Letter of Authority
  7. Establishment Card
  8. Cease Form & existing non-Etisalat Bill in case of migration from a different provider.
Billing Frequency: Monthly
Minimum Term: 36 Months
All prices shown are excluding of 5% VAT charge,

Etisalat VSaaS Service is a managed CCTV service providing surveillance solution packages to customers. The packages include hardware (cameras and network video recorders or NVRs), software (Video Management Solution with cloud storage) for remote viewing on customer mobile devices).
  • This offer is exclusively applicable for new VSaaS subscriptions only.
  • A VSaaS subscription is for the duration of 36 months.
  • Existing Internet Bundles from Business Edge Customers with internet speeds that can accommodate their CCTV plan can avail the first 3 months absolutely free. This means, they will only be invoiced from the fourth month onwards.
  • Customers that require a dedicated internet connection in addition to their CCTV plan can avail the first 3 months of their device rental for free, and only pay for the connectivity charges as per the following:
Package Connectivity Charges Waiver Amount For First Three Months
2 Camera Package @AED209/month AED 140/month AED 69/month
4 Camera Package @AED250/month AED 151month AED 99/month
8 Camera Package @AED399/month AED 198/month AED 201/month
16 Camera Package @AED649/month AED 253/month AED 396/month
32 Camera Package @AED1199/month AED 407/month AED 792/month
  • After the commencement of first three months, the monthly charges would be invoiced as per the full amount based on selected package until the end of the contract.
  • In case of contract termination i.e. early exit, customers are liable to pay 3 months of their full monthly fee based on the plan selected.
  • This offer is valid until August 2022.
Free tampering events being Position Change, Quality Loss, Image Noise Detection, Blurred Image Detection and Compression Artifacts Detection are included in all base plans. 24/7 technical support included.

Customer has the option to subscribe to one, multiple or all add-ons available for cloud storage and analytics.

Customer will be given a password protected access with single sign on to login into Etisalat Business Online Portal or Etisalat Business App.

The VSAAS Service information made available to Customer may, depending on the Service Packages and would include:
  • Live View Per Camera /Site.
  • Recordings Per Camera /Site.
  • Analytics Reports
Customer can access, copy or remove videos directly through local storage. USB port is provided in NVR for these operations.
The VSaaS Service requires that customer must have at least any one of the following base services to avail the VsaaS service.
  • Business Super
  • Business Super Plus
  • Internet Bundle from Business Edge
  • Business Quick Start (Business Super + Voice)

In the case of an existing connection, customer should have a fiber-based Optical Network Terminal (ONT) on site.

Building and layout diagrams should be provided by the customer in advance of installation. For External / Internal Shifting: The customer shall not be permitted to move the location of any of the equipment at the customer site used to deliver the VSaaS service, unless such move is needed in accordance with the provisions of this section or otherwise the prior written consent of Etisalat is obtained.

The customer may only move the equipment for the VSaaS service to a different site where the base internet services procured by the customer from Etisalat are also moved to a new customer site. Customer will be charged an additional one-time charge (OTC) on the base product, which includes OTC for external shifting of the VSaaS Service per site.

Relocating Etisalat Equipment for the VSaaS Service within the existing customer site in which this is permitted. Customer will be charged an additional OTC for internal shifting per customer site, regardless of the number of cameras, as detailed in the Service Application Form.

Application form of Video Surveillance as a Service

In cases of contract breach with early termination in the first 12 months, exit fees will be applied as per the following: remaining number of months of contract × monthly rate subscription of VSaaS package.

In cases of contract breach with early termination after the first 12 months, exit fees will be applied as per the following: Exit Charges for VSaaS Contract=3 × monthly rate subscription of VSaaS package

Penalty Free Service:
Customer can exit the service contract within a maximum period of 5 days from activation without penalty charges (i.e. exit charges) if the service contract was mis-sold or the provided service did not comply with the service terms and conditions.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. What is VSAAS? 

A. VSAAS is Etisalat’s complete security solution for businesses - comprising CCTV cameras, recording equipment, data storage and analytical software. 

Q. Are there any Etisalat services I need to be subscribed to before subscribing to VSAAS?

A. Yes, at least one of the following services: Business Quick Start, Internet Bundle from Business Edge, Business Super or Business Edge.

Q. How will I be charged for VSAAS?

A. VSAAS incurs a one-time charge for installation and cabling. Subsequent to installation, payment is structured as a fixed monthly recurring charge for the duration of your contract period. No hidden fees. No extra costs.

Q. Can I customise my VSAAS package?

A. Absolutely. Once you have chosen your base package you can add any (or all) of the following: extra cameras, storage, network video recorders, analytics. We want you to be able to build the VSAAS package that suits your business.

Q. Is the Cloud/Data Centre within the UAE?

A. It is indeed. Etisalat’s hosting facilities are situated in Abu Dhabi.

Q. What analytics come as part of my base package?

A. For every four CCTV cameras in your chosen package, you will get one “People Counting” and one “Heat Map” included.

Q. Are there any extra licensing costs?

A. Nope. Your monthly recurring charge is inclusive of all licensing costs.

Q. What is the hardware warranty period?

A. The hardware warranty period is three years.

Q. What is the contract duration?

A. The contract duration is three years.

Q. Who will own the equipment?

A. After the contractual period, the customer owns all the equipment.