Quick & Easy Cheque Payment

Generate your B2B reference number & Pay Your Bills Faster Than Ever Before!

Manage Your Bills

Through our B2B portal, you can choose to Pay Fully or Partially one or more of your bills by cheque. All you need to do is to follow few steps to generate a B2B reference number & submit your cheque at any Etisalat Smart Service Machine.

View & Download Your Bill

You can now view your amount due, download your bill and manage your payments through Etisalat B2B portal.


How to Pay By Cheque

Etisalat makes Cheque payments Easier & Faster! We give you the option now to Pay ALL your Bills in ONE place, or to Allocate Your Payments when you Can’t pay them ALL. It’s just a few simple steps away!


You can now have all your accounts paid in full by cheque. Simply, login to Etisalat B2B Portal, and follow the below steps to generate your transaction reference number to use when depositing your cheque.



Pick the Accounts and Specify the Amounts you want to pay; Simply download your billing report in excel format, fill in the amounts to pay, and re-upload it to get your B2B reference number.