5G For Business

Ideate, Innovate, Accelerate with 5G connectivity services

Witness your business thrive with blazing-fast speeds using business intelligence powered by 5G

In the age of industry transformation where connectivity is at the heart of every minor or major business function, 5G is the driving force translating these plans to actionable use cases. We enable you to take a journey into the world of 5G and adopt not just a smarter way of connecting devices, networks, and processes but also imbue the essence of insightful decision making and amplified reliability in everything you do.

We pioneer the future with 5G implications for businesses and industries by being expansive and intense- expansive in terms of the many verticals we cater to and intense with the shifts we bring to the traditional style of operations- In a gist, our 5G for businesses and industries revolutionises your business.

Experience Ultra-fast speeds when accessing business-critical applications


Enable business improvements and performance through low latency
Scale your deployments through Increase device capacity
Adopt innovative business models that open room for automation and convenience
Seamlessly connect multiple devices with higher connection density
Creative Business Models

Enable and empower a variety of use cases

Hassle-Free Migration

Seamlessly evolve existing systems to converged 5G setups

Reliable Network

The most trusted 5G network in the UAE

Unparalleled Agility. Endless Possibilities.

5G Private Mobile Edge

Pick between Public or Private Mobile Edge Computing to enable new use cases that demand lower latency, reduced backhaul, and data localisation.

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5G Wireless Lines

Leverage the turnkey 5G portfolio encompassing high performance 5G connectivity, 5G routers, backed by managed service expertise.

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5G Private Campus

Adapt to your evolving connectivity needs to improve reliability and flexibility of your campus locations. Fulfil your demand of range, mobility, performance and more.

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Get the 5G advantage through



Promised Low- Latency

Promising latency as low as 5ms


Connection Density

Efficient signalling for IoT Connectivity


Heightened Throughput

More unified, multi-GBPS peak rates


Network Efficiency

Augmenting network energy utilisation with resourceful processing


Spectrum Efficiency

Achieving more bits per HZ using enhanced antenna techniques


More Traffic Capacity

Operating network hyper-densification with smaller cells everywhere

Enabling advanced use cases for diverse verticals to realise the full potential of 5G