Connected Oil & Gas

Accelerating energy innovation with advanced connectivity

Fuelling industry advancement

Streamline complex offshore and onshore operations with etisalat by e&’s cutting-edge solutions. Our robust network facilitates seamless data transfer, operational coordination, remote monitoring, and more to maintain continuous, efficient, and safe energy production.

The pulse behind revolutionary oil and gas operations

etisalat by e& is the driving force behind the digital transformation in the oil and gas sector, serving as the vital pulse that powers revolutionary operations.

Our robust telecommunications infrastructure and AI-driven technologies enable enhanced exploration, automated safety checks, and seamless data integration, ensuring efficiency and resilience in one of the world's most demanding industries.

We provide the connectivity prowess that turns complex processes into streamlined, cost-effective, and environmentally conscious outcomes, reinforcing the sector’s heartbeat with every innovation.

Pioneering the future of energy with network mastery

Our advanced network infrastructure paves the way for revolutionary exploration and production techniques in the oil and gas sector.

Enter the forefront of the new age, where decisions are propelled by precise data analytics, processes are refined to peak efficiency, and resources are strategically harnessed to yield sustainable growth and bolstered profitability.

Optimise Offshore Operations

Use the power of IoT and 5G to monitor and manage remote operations, allowing for real-time decision-making and enhanced productivity in the field.

Drive Sustainable Energy Solutions

Seamless connectivity enables the deployment of smart grid technologies that facilitate sustainable energy management and reduce environmental impact.

Ensure Worker Safety

Deploy connected devices and sensors to monitor worker safety in real-time, leveraging fast, reliable communication to prevent accidents and respond to emergencies.

Innovative Technology

Revolutionise your business operations with cutting-edge technology optimised for efficiency and enhanced growth.