Global Services

Bringing the world closer with managed global connectivity and ICT services!

Bridge the gap to go big, go global!

The concept of globalisation has paved the way for transformation beyond boundaries and a world that is confidently more interconnected than ever before.

 Along with diverse business needs, organisations now seek for expansion that isn’t bound to just location but instead are on the lookout to emulate their business models across countries and drive operations with consistent and streamlined utilisation of technology. This is where we come in as your global connectivity partner - we support businesses in achieving their worldwide business vision backed by comprehensively integrated managed connectivity and infrastructure solutions.

Discover bespoke solutions that effectively resolve global transformation challenges.

Reach new horizons by going global

A Strong Digital Presence

Fulfil Growing Bandwidth Needs

Adopt Hybrid & Multi-cloud Infrastructures

Grow Your Rate Of Cloud Adoption

Embrace Hybrid & Remote Work Culture

Achieve Smart Automation Solutions

Managed Global Connectivity Solutions

Enable connectivity across different branches within the UAE and globally.

Managed Global End-To-End Infrastructure Solutions

Enhance efficiencies and embrace optimisation through streamlined management offered through our fully integrated end-to-end managed infrastructure solutions

Managed Global Communication & Collaboration

Keep your teams engaged, focused, and productive with managed global communication and collaboration solutions that are secure, agile and robust!

Managed Global Wi-Fi & Networking

Ensure round-the-clock connectivity between your regional and global locations through high-performing, cloud-based Wi-Fi, and fully managed Networking solutions.

Managed Global Security

Rapidly scale your security and compliance operations with our comprehensive global security portfolio.

Expanding your global footprint with our partner ecosystem

Combining competencies with best worldwide, to deliver you with superior solutions, functionalities, and managed services

Gain the etisalat by e& advantage to equip with the most advanced global solutions

Extensive global presence & vast partner ecosystem

Turnkey professional services with a flexible commercial model

Proactive monitoring by a certified team of experts

In-country, on-site support

State-of-the-art NOC/SOC

Discover unlimited possibilities

Our solutions are here to enable, empower and make possible. Read how.