Connected Healthcare

Deliver exceptional care in a heartbeat, anytime, anywhere

Empowering healthcare innovation with reliable connectivity

Unlock the potential of cutting-edge healthcare with etisalat by e&’s dependable high-speed connectivity. Experience seamless integration of telehealth, AI diagnostics, real-time data, and more for superior patient care.

Serving as the lifeline for critical connectivity in the healthcare industry

State-of-the-art solutions, including Connected Ambulances, ensure that life-saving information is transmitted in real-time, allowing medical professionals to act swiftly and effectively, even before the patient reaches the hospital.

Through Connected Clinics, we provide the backbone for telehealth services, facilitating remote diagnostics and consultations, making healthcare more accessible.

Our technology extends to Connected Pharmacies and beyond, which leverage our robust network to manage inventory, process prescriptions, and ensure that critical medication reaches those in need with speed and efficiency.

Propelling the industry forward with connectivity that cares

Revolutionising healthcare with critical connectivity that saves lives. Our solutions ensure rapid and reliable outcomes, bringing immediate care and expertise to where it's needed most.

We’re not just connecting healthcare—we’re delivering its pulse.

Wider Reach

Extend healthcare services to remote areas with telehealth, powered by the reliability of etisalat by e&’s Network of Speed.

Integrated Healthcare Systems

Connect devices and databases across healthcare systems to streamline operations and improve patient outcomes.

Data Security & Compliance

Ensure the highest standards of patient data security and regulatory compliance with etisalat by e&’s secure connectivity solutions.

Innovative Technology

Revolutionise your business operations with cutting-edge technology optimised for efficiency and enhanced growth.

Explore how innovative technology is transforming healthcare for immediate and efficient patient care.
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