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Fueling steady connectivity for your workforce, nonstop

Accelerate your business to the next level with advanced and bespoke possibilities.

Champion the digital landscape and unlock uninterrupted connections with enterprise-level mobility solutions that ensure your business stays agile, responsive and efficiently connected from anywhere in the world.

Discover pre-built plans, bespoke solutions, roaming convenience, 360° control, rich loyalty rewards and more, that are designed keeping the precise needs of a business in mind with the ambition to empower connections without any compromise!

Corporate Employee Plans

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Migrate your current prepaid / postpaid plan or activate a new plan and get significant savings on mobile plans compared to market rates. 

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Seamless Connectivity

Reliable, secure and split-second fast to achieve uninterrupted above & beyond

Flexible Fluidity

Simplifying the creation & integration of IoT solutions to improve workforce capabilities

Enterprise-Grade Control

Holistic centralised control for allocations, consumption, service subscriptions & more!

Backed By Security

Advanced protection to thrive with confidence, while being ready for what’s next

Explore pioneering enterprise-grade mobility solutions

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Accelerate ahead with the most recent enterprise-grade devices and give your business the boost that it needs. Get the latest technology to keep your business running faster, even more efficient, uninterrupted and sustainable! 

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Enable operations across the globe and stay connected to your employees, clients and business in the UAE while traveling across 190+ destinations with our Business Roaming Packs! 

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