Connected Logistics & Transportation

Driving logistics forward with intelligent network solutions

The central pulse of advanced logistics and transport

Orchestrating synchronised logistics flows with cutting-edge technology. Harness the power of the Network of Speed to keep your transport networks pulsating with unyielding efficiency.

Navigating the next wave of logistics and transportation

At the intersection of AI, technology, and connectivity, etisalat by e& is the driving force propelling the logistics and transportation industry forward.

Our sophisticated 5G network serves as the heartbeat for an ecosystem where real-time data analytics, fleet management, and intelligent routing converge to redefine efficiency.

By enabling smart logistics and advanced fleet communications, we ensure that businesses stay ahead in a rapidly moving world where every second and every decision counts. 

Unparalleled efficiency and connectivity on the move

Where innovation meets infrastructure, etisalat by e& stands as the definitive partner for transforming the logistics and transportation industry into a model of global efficiency and connectivity.

Real-Time Fleet Management

Optimise your fleet with real-time data and insights, ensuring maximum efficiency and on-time deliveries.

Supply Chain Transparency

Gain end-to-end visibility with our IoT solutions, ensuring accountability and precision at every step of the supply chain.

Enhanced Customer Experience

Deliver on your customer promise with more accurate tracking, faster shipping, and seamless communication enabled by 5G.

Innovative Technology

Revolutionise your business operations with cutting-edge technology optimised for efficiency and enhanced growth.