Connected Education

Unlock the next generation of learning using the Network of Speed

Connected, immersive, and limitless

Dive into a learning experience where seamless connectivity pulses at the core, bringing educational possibilities to life. Our solutions provide the heartbeat for a limitless, immersive education ecosystem, shaping futures without boundaries.

Step into the classroom of tomorrow, today

By providing unified communications and collaboration, we're opening up a world where interactive learning and digital whiteboards become the norm, facilitating an interconnected classroom without borders.

Our premium connectivity ensures that every click, every stream, and every download happens in real-time, paving the way for a learning environment that is as rapid as it is robust.

etisalat by e&’s suite of solutions goes beyond connectivity—we're empowering educators and students with the tools to build a smarter, more connected future.

Going beyond the traditional

Our robust suite of digital solutions lays the foundation for an educational ecosystem that is innovative, interactive, and infinitely accessible.

Leading the charge into a future where every student and educator has the resources they need to thrive in an interconnected world.

Empowered Institutions

Equipping educators with all the needed tools to deliver lessons with ultra-reliability and low latency.

Seamless & Secure Operations

Create a digital campus with seamless connectivity, from administrative operations to digital lectures, secured with our latest cybersecurity solutions.

Global Classrooms

Harness the power of the Network of Speed to connect students and educators around the world.

Innovative Technology

Revolutionise your business operations with cutting-edge technology optimised for efficiency and enhanced growth.

Know how Connected Education is shaping learning by offering limitless and immersive experiences.
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