5G Private Hybrid Network

Stimulating stability, flexibility, and control with tailored network capabilities.

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Inspiring possibilities, augmenting capabilities

5G Private Hybrid Network offers a vast array of solutions well-suited for diverse business demands while addressing the most challenging business continuity demands.

Engineered to empower large-scale transformations, this offering incudes key elements of end-to-end secure connectivity, dedicated capacities that enable uplink and downlink bandwidth allocation, seamlessly speedy deployment, and instrumental flexibility which makes it an ideal pick for modern businesses. Furthermore, the edge computing can be hosted on premises or accessed from the nearest physical hosting node over the public 5G network.

The network also brings together important features such as virtualised or dedicated network functions, intelligent path selection, and Quality of Service (QoS) guarantees, securing high reliability and uninterrupted business continuity for mission-critical applications. Additionally, the network offers on-demand scalability and rapid service deployment, allowing you to scale up your operations quickly when needed!

Flexible deployments based on your industry type

Common MEC

Smooth operations with dedicated bandwidth and resources, by using the nearest node located MEC to enable low latency use cases over a public radio network.

Dedicated MEC

Heightened network performance and security by leveraging a dedicated MEC node to break out local user data from a public or commercial 5G radio network, enabling precise resource segregation.

On-premises MEC

Achieve enhanced security controls by enabling complete isolation from commercial networks. Plus, flexible to be centralised or distributed, entirely based on your IT and security planning needs.

Heightened response time with

Speedy application performance

Onboard edge computing capabilities into your network, so you can be closer to your devices and endpoints. Simplify your operations and achieve your business goals faster with business intelligence driven by 5G mobile edge computing.

Get the 5G Hybrid Network advantage through

Agility with ultra-low latency backed by on-premise edge computing

Industry-leading security & privacy with ultra-fast, stable & private processing

Richer transformation capabilities with enhanced service level data isolation and privacy

Quick deployment with improved latency, & increased device density

Targeted large scale deployments that caters to data remaining inside the site

A wholly managed turnkey solution, powered by industry-leading expertise!

Delivering enterprise-grade features that promise stability, flexibility, and control

Partner with the most trusted 5G connectivity provider in the UAE and unleash the power of high throughput, ultra-low latency, top-notch data security, heightened device density, and a host of other impressive features to unlock limitless possibilities across industries with


Critical connectivity

Robot inspection

HSE Compliance

IOT Connectivity

& much more