5G Wireless Lines

Bringing accelerated access and the future of what’s next with your reach

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Equipped with more, built for more

Unlocking the highest, fastest, hyper-efficient capabilities.

Rise beyond the traditional, reduce the complexity of wired infrastructures and augment your potentials by migrating to 5G Wireless Connectivity.

Equip for enhanced daily functions, seamless connections, processes, and devices from anywhere with increased versatility and a quick turnaround time. 5G Wireless Line achieves a quick turnaround time with an intensified capacity to successfully deliver a multitude of possibilities across verticals.

Power up your connections faster with our quick deployment of 5G Connectivity


Experience uninterrupted 5G connectivity even in the most remotest locations
Optimise your go-to-market time by onboarding 5G Wireless Lines with latest 5G CPEs
Enhance reliability & resiliency while ensuring scalability
with new 5G core

Faster speeds, lower latency, and more reliable connectivity

Core Network Redundancy

Ensures network availability in case of failures or unavailability

Lower Latency

Provides near-real time information exchange with low latency

Unified Customer Experiences

Delivers seamlessly connected experiences, irrespective of the location or device

Harness the power of

5G Wireless Lines to embrace mobility and connect critical business assets reliably

Welcome new levels of performance and efficiency that ambition to empower industries including health, autonomous transport, gaming, massive IOT and connected homes by delivering multi-Gbps peak rates, ultra-low latency, massive capacities, and a more unified user experience.

Advance with confidence towards

a fully managed 5G-enabled business model

Achieve optimal throughput rate, reliability, and lightning-fast speed of our 5G connectivity along with the ruggedized 5G routers combined with our end-to-end managed services expertise and premium quality service levels. Explore and go beyond with your 5G Wireless Lines by combining them with add-ons best suited for your vertical-specific business needs.

Shape your business of tomorrow, today

Explore a vast range of scenarios to understand the potentials that can be unlocked, enabled and empowered with 5G Wireless Connectivity.

Uninterrupted connectivity at Remote Sites
  • Remote branches
  • Remote sites
  • Smart Stations
  • Fibre non-viable sites

Strengthening security for Public Safety & Surveillance Services
  • Government Security
  • Traffic Management
  • Crime Detection
  • Citizen face recognition

Enabling advanced possibilities for the Healthcare Sector
  • Smart Ambulance
  • Remote Clinics
  • Rapid Response
  • Connected vehicles
  • e-health

Smarter & hyper-connected Transportation Solutions
  • Public Transport Wi-Fi
  • Wi-Fi for Bus Stations
  • Passenger Counting
  • Driver AI camera
  • Autonomous Vehicles

Heightening surveillance, safety & productivity at Construction Sites
  • Site Wi-Fi
  • Site surveillance
  • Connected Workers
  • Remote controlled equipment/machines
  • Sales Kiosks

Elevating customer experience with Smart Retail & Banking Solutions
  • Digital Signage
  • Interactive Kiosks
  • Footfall counting
  • ATM & POS
  • Surveillance