Connected Cars

Transformative automotive technology with heightened safety, security, and accessibility.

Embrace a digital future filled with intuitive, connected experiences

Connectivity is the key enabler that shapes the future of mobility. It’s time to match pace with the always-connected world by extending this connectivity to the automobile and fleet industry. Preceded by innovation and motivated by the best-global practices, our in-vehicle connectivity services are designed to deliver a secure and feature-rich experience.

Accelerate business growth by gaining valuable insights and making informed decisions with real-time data. Unlock the full potential of vehicle solutions ranging from safety features, telematics, Wi-Fi and much more. 

Explore our connected capabilities

Unleash the true capabilities of connected mobilities with a vast portfolio of solutions and services that speed-up business efficiencies and improve performance.


Get the Connected Cars advantage through

Achieve desired outcomes by customisation

Benefit from our wide knowledge of automobile sector and experience in designing a personalised experience.

Less downtime equaling business continuity

Leverage the technical support using multiple channels with dedicated resources to resolve technical issues and queries rapidly.

UAE Data Protection Compliance

Value from our data protection experts and end-to-end security and privacy processes that help in navigating data complexities.

Partner with the Connected Cars Expert

Optimise connected mobility data by accessing our expertise of working with manufacturers, insurers, fleet operators, and aftermarket dealers.

Latest technology for new-age demands

Address the evolving automotive industry demands with industry-leading capabilities and state-of-the-art technology supporting an array of use cases.