M2M Control Centre

Augmented efficiencies contributing to significant business value

Connected devices thriving on the power of cloud

As the world gets closer and globalisation takes the centre stage, there’s an undeniable need to evolve. Harness the capabilities of Machine-to-Machine (M2M) and boost your business productivity by enabling your networked devices to exchange information in real-time without any intrusion. Automate business tasks and achieve maximum accuracy and profitability with our wireless M2M solution that runs on M2M SIMS driven by an advanced cloud-based management platform.

We support in deploying, managing, controlling, and monetising your connected assets that opens doors to more opportunities for your business. 

Get the M2M advantage through

Lifecycle Automation

Monitoring & Diagnostics

Comprehensive Security

Cost Management

Country Deployment

Back-end Integration

Streamline business operations and scale faster through automation capabilities of M2M Control Centre

Swiftly manage business processes through zero-touch connectivity feature for all devices in multiple deployments.
Restructure your operational tasks by unleashing the power of automation. Manage and optimise costs to efficiently utilise resources!
Gain maximum visibility of your devices with near real time diagnostics and analytics.
Safeguard customer data, device, and IT systems through multi-layered security controls.
Automate critical business processes through large API library that lets you manage devices with flexibility and ease.
Control your devices effectively with near real-time cost monitoring and controls.

Gain tactical insights and manage your business better with in-depth intelligence using M2M solutions

Stay always connected with country-wide coverage

Deployment of mobile network technologies such as 3G, 4G, 5G, LPWAN (LTE-M or LTE CatM1, Narrowband-IOT) aligning with your business needs.

Experience added flexibility for enhanced functionality

Freedom to select M2M data packages available as shared fixed pool and flexible pool that complements the evolving business requirements.

Seamlessly manage all devices to get visibility & governance

Get an overview of all the M2M devices and automate to achieve efficiencies. Monitor and optimise business performance through reliable diagnostic.

Enjoy uninterrupted service worldwide across the globe

A wide partner ecosystem comprising of leading mobile service providers ensuring your devices work everywhere.

3G /4G / 5G and LTE-M

Business Requirements:

High performance and mobility with voice and data

Use Case: 

IoT gateways, smartphones, camera surveillance, connected cars, digital signatures

Business Requirements:

Highly reliable voice and data with low latency, low power consumption

Use Case:

Industrial handhelds, wearables, vending machines, asset trackers, health monitors, security systems

Narrow Bandwidth IoT

Business Requirements:

Low amount of data with minimal power consumption and delay tolerant

Use Case:

Parking metres, agriculture metres, sensors, utility metres, industrial sensors, city infrastructure, lighting/HVAC controllers