Precise Location

Get the ultimate location advantage and make accuracy your key business pillar

Say hello to the future of location technology

Business diversification and globalisation have blurred the geographical boundaries posing a new set of expectations from technology functionality. Get highly accurate location data even in the densest conditions and always stay in control of your business using our Precise Location Technology.

With advanced algorithms and real-time correction capabilities, your business can operate confidently while staying ahead of the competition. Envision a business model characterised by scalability, flexibility, accuracy, and safety by using Precise Location Software to your business’s advantage.

Eliminate ambiguity and streamline processes across logistics, automotive industry, transportation services, emergency services and others with Precise Location.

Make strategic decisions with accurate information through the error correction of GPS data Precise Location software

Optimise operations & improve efficiency by accessing data that is essential for business sustainability

Create personalised customer journeys through interactive messages & ads from Precise location data

Get on-the-go uninterrupted location data no matter the setting or business area- remote places or populated spots


Overcome your challenges with our data sources that includes GPS, Wi-Fi, and cell tower route.

Emergency Services

Prompt and efficient information to respond to emergency situations accurately.


Autonomous vehicles depend on the accuracy of precise location to improve overall performance.


Tracking packages in real-time and with estimated delivery time using precise location to streamline operations.

Ports & Maritime Industry

Reduce accident risks, track vessels, monitor ship movements with real-time location data.

Logistics & Transportation

Optimise operations and enhance delivery times with precise location’s real-time capabilities. 

Last Mile Delivery

Support drivers in reaching their destinations quicker with guidance on optimised routes.