Cloud Express - AWS Direct Connect

A private and secure way to optimally access business-critical workloads in real-time.

Optimise your hybrid environment with Cloud Express – Connectivity to AWS Direct Connect

Greater performance, minimal complexity, across multiple regions.

Cloud Express makes it simpler to establish a private, low-latency network connectivity from your premises to AWS Direct Connect ports — confidently boosting your hybrid IT environment. Harness the power of AWS Direct Connect to seamlessly connect all AWS resources in a preferred AWS region, while ensuring your data is proactively protected.

Our role encompasses Cloud Express links, bypassing the public Internet and enabling the secure transfer of data directly from your data centre, office, or colocation environment through a private network, thereby delivering a more consistent network experience

Achieve newer heights with Cloud Express – AWS Direct Connect by:

Connecting Better
Working Faster
Optimising Performance


Get the Cloud Express advantage through

Highly Secure Data Transmission
Powerful Connectivity Selections
Fluid Deployment & Easy to Use
Highly Scalable For Precise Business Needs
Consistent Network Experience Across Locations
Optimal Performance For Operational Excellence

Empower your environment with its capabilities

Integrate all your AWS resources in a preferred AWS region using the power of AWS Direct Connect. Our simple interface makes it easy for you to connect with high performance and minimal complexity.