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Digital Internet

Powering secure managed broadband connectivity with value add-ons across verticals

Switch to blazing fast speeds backed by reliability, security and fluidity

Businesses today, heavily rely on high bandwidths and robust security for seamless operations. Get high-speed, reliable, and secure broadband connectivity that ensures your business stays up and always running.

Driven by digital managed platform for smooth adoption of cloud-based solutions, Digital Internet virtualises networking services and increases service reliability to support efficient resource utilisation!

Embrace richer features & extended capabilities with


Guaranteed Asymmetric Connectivity


E2E 360° Digital Managed Services


Multiple Redundancy


Dashboard & Reports

New Digital Platform

Digital Add-ons

More bandwidth, higher security and performance you can trust

Higher download bandwidths for the speed-hungry digital needs of your business along with multiple capabilities that ensure your business dominates in the digital landscape!

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Digital Enterprise-Ready Platform

  • A future-proof platform to host powerful networking and advanced security services.
  • Avoid the need to deploy multiple hardware for different networking and security services.
  • Proactively monitored and managed so you can focus on your core business tasks operations.
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DDoS & Firewall Protection

  • Protect your organisation from the denial-of-service attacks
  • Safeguard your network against intrusion by hackers
  • Define policies based on user profile
  • Create a secure sandbox environment to isolate suspicious elements
  • Secure your devices in the organisation with end-point security
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Reliability & Visibility

  • Ensures business continuity
  • Wireless (4G / 5G) redundancy to fallback in the event of failure of GPON
  • Proactively monitored to ensure quick response and resolution
  • Single view dashboard of all services
  • Analyse performance through detailed reports