Samsung Care+

24 months cover for AED 25 with monthly instalments or AED 499 with one-time payment


Samsung Care+

Samsung Care+ takes care of 2 accidents over 2 years.

  • Cracked screens: Cracks on the screen or glass back affecting the usability of the device
  • Liquid damage and other problems: Accidental liquid or physical damage that impairs the phone's functionality
  • All accidental damages from handling (incl. liquid damage, Battery Replacement)
  • 2 claims over 2 years
  • 30 days to buy after smartphone purchase
  • Additional 1 year extended warranty

Standalone and prepaid offer

SmartPay offer

In case you decide to end your SmartPay contract without completing the contract period, an exit charge will apply which will be a total of the monthly instalment for each month remaining in the contract term.

How to Subscribes

If you’re an existing Etisalat customer

  • You can buy Samsung Care+ with SmartPay or one-time payment online when you add a new Samsung device to your cart
  • You can buy Samsung Care+ after you have bought a Samsung device as long as the purchase date of your smartphone hasn’t exceeded 30 days. However, you will need to bring the device to one of our business centers so we can validate your device

If you’re not an Etisalat customer

  • You can buy Samsung Care+ even if you don’t buy a Samsung device from us. All you need to do is bring the device to one of our outlets or business centers so we can validate your device

Plan Cancellation

  • Customers who want to end their plan before completing the contract period will have to pay the monthly instalment for the remainder of the contract period in order to exit before the end of the period.

Who is eligible

  • All Samsung mobile users are eligible
  • You can purchase Samsung Care+ within 30 days from the device’s purchase date as long as the phone was purchased within GCC (excluding KSA)
  • Available for these models:
    1. Galaxy Note8
    2. Galaxy Note9
    3. Galaxy S8
    4. Galaxy S9 & S9+
    5. Galaxy S10, S10+ & S10e
    6. Galaxy Note10 & 10+
    7. New and upcoming Samsung devices except Galaxy Fold

Terms and conditions

Please read the Policy terms and conditions for Samsung Care+.
Please read the terms and conditions for Samsung Care+.


  • The same documents essential for SmartPay, devices, Prepaid, Deal of the Day and standalone offer
  • Please bring your device so we can validate it


  • Not applicable


  • Warranty: Smartphones 1-year warranty
  • Care +: 2 years insurance protection plan


  • If the customer cancels their SmartPay contract, the exit charges will be calculated as: Exit charges = Monthly instalment x Remaining unbilled instalments