Cloud Connectivity

Build a high-speed private network for your business with Cloud Express and Cloud Connect

Cloud Express - Connectivity to Public Cloud Service Providers

Simplify, connect, and manage the right public cloud and network technology by creating platforms that empower your business. Ensure that you get secure private connectivity between your corporate network and public cloud by using Cloud Express.

Secure, Simple, Swift

Give your business a competitive edge by moving all your workloads to the cloud using optimal throughput links

Cloud Connect – Connectivity to Etisalat OneCloud

Integrate with Etisalat OneCloud over private connectivity in a convenient, rapid, and cost-effective way. Give your business the exclusivity of an added layer of security and customisation by selecting Etisalat OneCloud.

Safeguard your on-premises data from security threats, costly downtime, and data loss by opting for Cloud Connect.

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