Managed Internet

A secure, high speed internet connectivity with D-DOS Mitigation Solutions

Keep your business connected 24/7 and shield it from cyber attacks

Optimize your operations with Managed Internet—a comprehensive solution designed for high-speed, secure, and reliable connectivity. Perfectly suited for any business applications, internal and external communication platforms, emails, web browsing, stock management, cloud access and all other operations that heavily depend on robust connectivity. Ensure constant uptime and secure connections, safeguarding both your revenue and reputation.

Interested in secure high-speed internet?

Safeguard your Internet presence with Cloud DDoS Mitigation Solutions

Protect your network from cyber threats and volumetric attacks that are designed to overwhelm internal network capacity with significantly high volumes of malicious traffic. These attacks attempt to consume the bandwidth within the target network.

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Experience Advanced DDoS Protection

etisalat by e&’s Distributed Denial of Service (DDoS) mitigation solutions are designed to protect government and private enterprises in the UAE against malicious cyber-attacks.

Uninterrupted service availability
DDoS defense with minimal IT involvement
Protection against emerging cyber threats
Avoid Revenue Loss
Increased Customer Satisfaction
Maintain Brand Image