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Stay always connected through our cutting-edge satellite communication solutions

Meeting the most rigorous demands of next- generation mobile and satellite networks, our Satellite Communication solutions provides voice, video, television, and data to and from multiple locations worldwide. The advanced SATCOMS portfolio embodies state-of-the-art teleport facilities with a quick turnaround time, ensuring a robust communication ecosystem that meets business objectives competently.

We pride in delivering high throughput satellite coverage over multiple frequency bands, and geographical regions, all managed locally via our UAE satellite operations centre.



End-to-end managed service

Regulatory complaint

Continuous technology upgrade

Professional expertise

Full Integration capabilities

24/7 NOC support

High availability and superior transmission quality regardless of the location

Giving businesses the flexibility of experiencing communication mobility regardless of their location and nature of business, our very small aperture terminal (VSAT) is designed to fulfil diverse business needs and application with expansion capability. Boosting an ultra-modern infrastructure with interconnected earth stations, businesses now have the flexibility to customise their requirements by transmitting or receiving services in different band frequencies via a range of satellites.

Enabling businesses to make informed decisions that positively impact productivity and efficiency

Extremely reliable form of satellite connectivity network

Low risk and advanced technology service

Supports telecom and ICT solutions as an add-on

Rapid speed with accessibility for high availability

Scope for customisation based on business needs

Quick deployment time even for remote or rural areas
Navigating business needs with precision and reliability

Setting sail with excellence and expertise, the next-generation suite of maritime services caters to the varied connectivity demands of the maritime sector. This comprehensive, fully managed maritime services is compliant with local regulations from an ICT solutions provider to vessels operating in the region. An IP underlay connection supports a range of downlink/uplink speed options to suit any maritime requirement, giving customers more flexibility and better coverage.

From ship to the shore, high-performance and superior quality at every step

Range of bandwidth speed options

Competitive pricing with flexible billing

Unlimited data bundles for nonstop service

Information exchange for better co-ordination

Relatively higher committed information rates

Heightened security with in-region service availability
Turnkey media ecosystem seamlessly managed through a unified platform

Empowering broadcasters, producers, and content providers to seamlessly transmit high-quality video content to viewers that can be accessed using multiple devices. Intended to elevate customer experiences and promote revenue growth by providing a vast pool of content choices, on-demand content, and agility to adapt to evolving customer needs, the advanced broadcasting solutions serve national, regional, and global businesses. We offer Satellite and Teleport services, Media Fibre Solutions and MAM solutions.

Delivering high-definition content over a robust media network

Extensive media knowledge and expertise

Supports global field services via integrated satellite and fibre network

Simplifies media booking, delivery, and billing

Connects global content owners and platform providers

Ongoing innovation and investment for superior service

Accelerates monetisation and drives customer growth
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