Terms and Conditions

Samsung Care+
Policy Terms and Conditions summary

This is a summary of Samsung Care+ Policy Terms & Conditions. It is important that you read the full policy Terms and Conditions carefully and keep them for future reference.

For full Terms & Conditions, kindly visit: www.samsung.com

Samsung Care+ is an insurance policy covering the risk of Accidental Damage to Your Samsung mobile device.

Summary of Samsung Care+:


1 Year Accidental Damage/Liquid Damage

Accidental Damage / Liquid Damage


Excess fee

AED 180, KWD 15, BHD 19, QAR 180 , OMR 19 for Accidental Damage only

Battery (less than 80%)



1 claim during 12 months

In case You did not purchase Samsung Care+ at the same time as Your Product, you can benefit from a 60 day period from the product purchase date to purchase Samsung Care+. In this instance you must return to the seller of your insured product or go to Samsung directly. Please note that your insured product must be eligible for Samsung Care+.

Your Samsung Care+ is valid even when your insured product is transferred to a new owner within the period of insurance. Also, please note that your Samsung Care+ policy could be transferable to a latest version of your Samsung device model for a new period of insurance in case the claim limit is not already totally reached.

General Validity Conditions

  • Valid only for Insured Products purchased in Your Country of Residence.
  • Only valid for new Samsung mobile devices; it does not cover second-hand Samsung mobile devices.
  • Only valid for mobile devices purchased by you for personal use. It is not valid for mobile devices that You use or are provided for business or employment purposes
  • Only valid for mobile devices purchased from Samsung Gulf Electronics official stock.

How to make a claim

You can contact Samsung by:

  • Telephone 7 Days a week by calling:  UAE: 800-7267864, Qatar: 800-2255, Kuwait: 183-2255, Bahrain: 8000-4726, Oman: 800-72627
  • You can visit one of Samsung Authorized service centres list can be found at: www.samsung.com

When you contact Samsung We will let you know what information we need from you to claim and how your claim will be processed. At a minimum we will request:

  • Proof that the product you have insured is covered under our insurance policy. (e.g. IMEI number);
  • A description of the incident that caused the accidental damage or the electrical breakdown to your device.

For more information read the Policy Terms and Conditions available in Samsung website: www.samsung.com