Home Wireless

Home Wireless Advance offers you unlimited internet at your home with our optional 5G Plug-n-Play router at no extra charge.
Home Wireless Premium offers you premium TV content on STARZPLAY, GoChat with unlimited internet including 5G Plug-n-Play router.

Home Wireless is a limited mobility service. Once you subscribe, we will provide you with a SIM card and/or router. You need to insert it in our router, or any data enabled router/device of your choice.

For Home Wireless Advance, we offer an optional 5G Router and for Home Wireless Premium, the same is included at no extra charges.

The location is captured and locked as your home once the SIM Card is activated on the router/device. You may relocate (release the lock / change location) by calling 101.

With STARZPLAY, you can watch the best TV content in the region on the STARZPLAY app without any additional cost for 24 months, it is included in Home Wireless Premium only.

Once you subscribe to Home Wireless, you will receive an email with the STARZPLAY voucher, which you can redeem on the STARZPLAY app. It will be valid for 24 months for Home Wireless Premium starting from the date you redeem the voucher.

Select "voucher option" in the payment settings on STARZPLAY website "ONLY" "www.starzplay.com" and not the App. For any issues related to STARZPLAY can drop an email to support@starzplay.com

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Home Protection

The Home Protection plan covers you for any damage to your personal belongings and loss of personal documents.

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