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Unboxing the app


Manage your accounts

Switch between your accounts to control and view your usage and bill

Pay bill for self and others

Never miss a payment with Autopay. You can even pay bills for friends and family!

Recharge any account

Get 10% bonus credit valid for 3 days on every online recharge

Transfer balance

Share your data with as many numbers as you want both locally and internationally

Switch your mobile plan

Need to upgrade your plan? Change it on our app in a few seconds!

Get add-ons instantly

Subscribe or unsubscribe to add-ons with just a tap

Live chat

Problem with your internet or eLife? We're here to help!

Renew your registration

Update your account with your valid Emirates ID card easily


Track your usage

Monitor and track your data, calls and SMS usage to avoid exceeding your monthly budget.


Understand your monthly bill better

We’ve designed a section with all your billing details. Pay single or multiple bills in one transaction, check detailed changes in your monthly bill under Bill Explainer tab, recharge your account, view the past 6 months bill history, compare your bills and control your bills by setting limits.

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