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Benefits for Absher cardholders

BenefitsAbsher Plan 1Absher Plan 2Absher Plan 3Absher Plan 4
Monthly rentalAED 129AED 249AED 599AED 250
Local minutes5905902401,200
Local data7GB26GB58GB18GB
Bundled local min to preferred numberNANANA300 to 1 number
National SMSsNANANA300
Contract period12 months12 months12 months24 months**
Mobile to mobile call rateAED 0.30/minAED 0.30/minAED 0.30/minAED 0.30/min
Mobile to fixed line call rateAED 0.10/minAED 0.10/minAED 0.10/minAED 0.30/min
Mobile to international call rateAED 1/minAED 1/minAED 1/minZone 1***: AED 1.2/min (171 countries) Zone 2***: AED 3.6/min (41 countries)
Incoming call roaming rateAED 1/minAED 1/minAED 1/minAED 1.03/min (GCC countries) AED 4.25/min (rest of the world)***

5% VAT excluded

**Absher Plan 4 comes with a special number against the 24-month contract

***International call tariffs for Absher Plan 4:

Zone 1 countries: AED 1.20/min

Zone 2 countries: AED 3.78/min

Zone 3 countries: depending on the destination

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Home benefits

  • eLife Value Packs - Family, Sports, Entertainment, Combo             
  • Free 100Mbps home broadband speed
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If you’re a new Absher customer, simply fill the application form and visit any Etisalat Business Centre. If you’re

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