Wi-Fi Home Zone Support

Wi-Fi Home Zone extends Wi-Fi coverage to your home. Read all FAQs related to the service on this page.

Wi-Fi Home Zone is a solution that extends the internet Wi-Fi coverage in your home. This is achieved by adding different Wi-Fi access points in your apartment or villa.

Using a Wi-Fi survey tool, our experts will select the best locations for the additional access points.
You would have to pay a monthly fee for the service, and we will take care of the rest such as cabling (if needed), and all costs of devices, labour and installation.

We will be providing the routers, cables, sockets and all accessories, as well as the installation and configuration of all items, end to end. We do not charge anything other than the monthly rental per Wi-Fi Home Zone as part of this service.

The solution is available for all Etisalat Home users who have an active account.

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