How to protect yourself against scams and frauds

Here are six general rules to remember

Secure your bank information

Don’t share your banking details with anyone. If you are a victim of a financial scam, report to your bank immediately before contacting us.

Our verification methods

We will only verify you through an OTP or a security PIN.

Use verified payment channels

Make Etisalat by e& payments only through verified channels. We will never ask you to make any payment to a personal bank account.

Don’t pay money for gifts

We will never ask you for money for gifts or promotions.

Don’t share your OTP with anyone

Don’t give an OTP to someone for a request you did not initiate.

Don’t click or download links instantly

Only click or download files after verifying they are safe.

Top 4 channels used by fraudsters



You can identify fraudulent emails through the email sender name, email format, suspicious link, and more.


Voice Calls

Missed calls from unknown international numbers, being asked for your banking details are a few of the key ways to identify fraudulent calls.


WhatsApp & Social Media

Being asked for your banking details as well as suspicious links are characteristics of a fraudulent social message.



Spelling errors and unknown sender IDs are a few of the key signs that an SMS is fraudulent.