Caller Identification Feature "Kashif" (CNAP/Caller ID)

CNAP is a caller identification feature, mandatory to commercial entities and in-line with the Telecommunication and Digital Government Regulatory Authority (TDRA) of the UAE. When a call is placed by a mobile or fixed-line belonging to the entity, the entity’s name will be displayed on the recipient’s mobile phone. An entity’s mobile or fixed line is considered a line that is registered by the company and under their ownership.

The name displayed on the recipient’s mobile home screen will match the entity’s name, as appears on their trade license or establishment card, up to 25 characters. CNAP was launched to combat spam and unwanted calls, including those intended for promotional or advertisement purposes. CNAP also aims to protect consumers from fraudulent callers who attempt to impersonate an entity representative in order to trick their victims for illegal purposes.

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The first 25 characters of the commercial entity’s official name, as it appears on the entity’s trade license or establishment card, will be displayed on the mobile screen of the recipient. The recipient will be able to see the Caller ID as well as the entity’s number.

The name saved in your contact list will override the CNAP/Caller ID feature.

No. This feature only works while in the UAE.

The Caller ID will be displayed in English only.

The feature will be applied gradually during the coming period to all existing and newly established commercial entities.

The CNAP feature has been activated partially for commercial entities only and not for consumers. It will gradually be extended across remaining entities numbers soon. This feature is optional to government entities including ministries and institutions owned by or affiliated with the UAE government, embassies, consulates and diplomatic offices. In this case, not all calls received will have the Caller ID displayed.

Both UAE Telecom licensees will activate the service and interexchange the Caller IDs, regardless of where the calls have been established.

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