One number, multiple devices with Multi-SIM

Available for postpaid and prepaid customers.



  • Enjoy Voice, Data & SMS services on any of your device.
  • Prepaid customers can keep up to 2 SIM cards with the same number.
  • Postpaid customers can keep up to 5 SIM cards with the same number and can use only one SIM at a time to make or receive calls. All SIMs can use the data of the plan at the same time.

Important to know

  • Text *105# to activate the current device profile for receiving both calls and SMS (for prepaid). Postpaid customers can select any of the SIMs to make or receive calls by simply dialling *105# from the desired SIM.
  • Dial *#105# to know which handset is active.
  • Dial *#105# to know the SIM ID (1 to 5).

  • Each cloned SIM card will be charged at AED 25/month (5% VAT excluded).
  • When subscribing to multi-SIM, you must replace your primary SIM card with a multi-SIM card (replacement is done for free).
  • SIM replacement, for example in case of damage, is for AED 50/SIM (5% VAT excluded).
  • The main SIM card is not charged AED 25/month (5% VAT excluded).

Multi-SIM can be cancelled in an Etisalat by e& store with a valid Emirates ID card.

Popular Questions

The multi-SIM service is available for postpaid and prepaid customers.

Yes, you can.

You can subscribe by visiting any Etisalat by e& Business Centre.