Bring your number to e& UAE

Get up to 30,000 Smiles points and free data or minutes when you shop online. Keep your 052/055/058 numbers on our network!


How to switch

Moving to e& UAE is simple and can be done in two easy steps:

  1. Fill out the form with your contact details here
  2. One of our customer care representatives will contact you to assist you



Get 2 gifts when you shop online

Get up to 30,000 Smiles points and free data or minutes on selected plans.

Stream faster

Experience next-gen data speeds across our wide network coverage.

Easy communication

Pay only your local rates whenever you travel in one of our eligible destinations.

Diversity & flexibility

Enjoy great value with plans that suit your needs.

Important to know

  • The entire process is free
  • Your number should not be under any type of service suspension with the current operator
  • All financial obligations must be paid in full to your current operator
  • There will be a stipulated grace period to settle dues and balances before e& UAE service activation

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