e& money

Now you can go cashless without needing a bank account. e& money is the only financial super app you’ll ever need! Send money globally and locally, pay bills and merchants, send gifts, and much more. NO registration fees, NO minimum balance and NO bank account required.

Pay with e& money card across the Mastercard network globally.


Introducing the new e& money card for all your payments. Get your card after successfully registering with e& money. The e& money card offers the most rewarding prepaid card loyalty programme in the UAE, providing customers with one per cent cash rewards on all card spends during the launch period until the end of 2023.



Introducing international remittance

In addition to local transfers, e& money allows you to send money to your loved ones wherever they are. With over 200 countries and territories globally, e& money ensures that you are covered with three options:

  • Send money directly to a bank account
  • Send money directly to a mobile wallet
  • Traditional over-the-counter transfer

Terms of use:

No transaction fees and VAT will be applied to the sender. The recipient might be charged according to their country's fees and taxes.
Please make sure to read the updated Terms and Conditions.

*This is a limited time offer

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