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Simplify your life with Smart Home

Turn your home into a smart haven where lights, speakers, cameras, locks and more are connected to the internet, responding to your every command. Control them effortlessly with your smartphone, TV dashboard, or just your voice.


Benefits of Smart Home from Etisalat

Hassle-Free Installation

Effortless setup process for a seamless smart home integration.

Trusted Brands

Reliable & top-notch smart home benefits from reputable, well-established brands

Easy Installment plans

Get easy instalment plans & user-friendly payments with Etisalat’s SmartPay

After Sales Support

Get seamless support for all your after sales needs & more

Explore Our Smart Living Services


Monitoring & Safety

Secure your home & monitor everything, all through your fingertips
View real-time footage, receive alerts, use your smartphones as keys & more


Energy Savings

A powerful way for reducing energy consumption & your monthly bills consumption
Start setting up your smart energy devices for immediate changes in energy consumption!


Home Control Service

Sync & control all your smart devices within the Smart Living automation hub.
Give voice commands with built-in Alexa, monitor your devices from anywhere & more.

Smart Home Devices

Smart TVs
Smart Speakers
Robo Vacuums
Door Locks

Trusted Partners

Looking for a smarter home?

Transform your home into a seamlessly connected hub with lightning-fast internet, enabling effortless control through voice commands for a fully immersive smart living experience. Get started with eLife plans, from just AED 299 per month.

Frequently Asked Questions

Smart Living consists of high-tech household devices which can be controlled via smart phones and voice-operated devices such as Amazon Alexa. This is possible as these smart products are connected and communicates using the same internet connection.

Benefits include improved home surveillance with monitoring devices, hands-free entertainment through voice commands, as well as energy-savings through remote controlling of lights and thermostats, smart home appliances and much more.  

You can subscribe by

  • Visiting your nearest Etisalat by e& store or outlet
  • Calling customer care at 800101
  • Visiting the Etisalat UAE | Smart Living Home Control Services webpage
  • Logging on to My Etisalat UAE app

AED 10/month (first 3 months FREE for new users as launch offer).

No, only service bundles that include landline, internet, and TV (3P bundles) are eligible for the new service. This is because the voice commands and Smart Living dashboard rely on the eLife Smart Living TV boxes.

Currently, there are 2 fully compatible eLife boxes for the service:

  • eLife Smart Living Standard TV Box (KAON 6078)
  • eLife Smart Living Premium TV Box (KAON 6080)
  eLife Smart Living Standard TV Box (KAON 6080) eLife Smart Living Premium TV Box (KAON 6080)

Control smart devices with voice commands

With a remote-control built-in mic

With direct Voice command (8 meters between voice & TV box)

Control TV channels & volume with voice commands

1-year device warranty

Bluetooth & IR remote control

Amazon Alexa service

4K, Wi-Fi 6. and Dolby sound

Play eLife games


Playback video recording up to 1TB (approx. 120 to 150 hours recording time) 


Built-in 20W speaker


Sync, control & manage all smart home devices with the Smart Living App