Now Etisalat care is on WhatsApp

Our Virtual Advisor Powered by AI (Artificial Intelligence) is at your service 24*7.

Get quick assistance anytime, anywhere with Etisalat's Virtual Advisor.


Our AI (Artificial Intelligence) powered Virtual Advisor is at your service 24*7.



Why use Etisalat’s Virtual Advisor

  • You can speak/ chat naturally with Etisalat’s Virtual Advisor in English or Arabic
  • No wait times / queues - Get a quick and fast response
  • Find support anytime, anywhere

How to Interact with Etisalat’s Virtual Advisor

What can Etisalat’s Virtual Advisor support you with

Account information

Account related information such as current active services, available balance, getting a copy of your bill etc.

Account management

Account management related help such as changing your language settings or your email address settings, adding or deleting services, changing of packages etc.

Get Support

Billing related clarifications and technical support

Products & Services inquiries

50+ products and services related inquiries such as Postpaid plans, eLife packages, data packages, device related inquiries and much more


Tips & tricks

  • Avoid noisy environments when speaking to Etisalat’s Virtual Advisor on 101
  • Make sure you are contacting Etisalat official WhatsApp account by verifying the (verified by WhatsApp) icon.
  • Use simple language
  • Respond to Etisalat’s Virtual Advisor with the inputs that are requested by it.
Avoid noisy locations
Keep your queries clear and concise
Avoid providing unnecessary details
Our virtual advisor is easier and quicker than speaking to a human
Ask straight forward questions